System of steroid side effects.


steroids, such as prednisone, can have side effects, such as the painted red face. As relevant creams or ointments, these medications can eliminate redness, itching and eczema irritation and other skin disorders.


The steroids that take from the mouth or in the operation are used to process a wide range of operating system diseases,Influencing throughout the body. The conditions, systemic steroids, as a rule, are prescribed, those associated with inflammation, including autoimmune diseases said Lupus Erthematous and rheumatoid arthritis.System steroids are also accepted for the treatment of attack asthma and, on the occasion, to control the symptoms of voice hay fever .

prednisone, which is available in the form of a universal and called the prednisone brand, deltasone and rays, is a steroid of the public system.And throwing the dose dose of Medrol (methylprednisonelone) similar steroid system, which works in different ways.

These medications are often needed, and sometimes even the preservation of life, it is important to take into account its possible deficiencies.

Steroids short-term side effects

Most people prescribe system steroids only a few days at the same time, so that side effects are usually temporary;Most of the permit a few days after stopping steroids.If otherwise it is healthy, the most common side effects you can expect include insomnia, changes in mood or behavior, washing your face ,Increasing appetite and short-term weight gain to increase water retention.

Some basic medical conditions can get worse when you take steroids. For example, blood sugar levels can increase if you have a diabetes mellitus.In the same way, your blood pressure can be elevated if you already have a high blood pressure . And if you have glaucoma , the adoption of steroids can increase the pressure of the eyes. You can also save water if you have stuck heart failure .

Long-term side effects of the ESTERIODOS

, when the system steroid is used for a long period of time, or when steroids are accepted in several cases,The most severe side effects are possible. According to this reason, doctors, as a rule, sustain the dose and duration to a minimum when steroids are named.

The risk of certain side effects can be reduced when the steroid is taken in a day, and not daily, even if the general dose of the wind is the same.Long-term side effects often go as soon as you stop taking a steroid, but sometimes they are constant.

Side effects of the long-term use of the steroid include:

Regardless of your general health, it is important that you It is tightly controlled, if you take a steroid of the system.

It is also recommended that anyone use a steroid for a long period of protection time against the loss of bone tools, taking and vitamin D.Sometimes, a biphosphonate medication is prescribed, such as Fosamax (Alendonate) or Boniv (Ibandronate), and the density of bone minerals can be measured regularly.

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