Talc Cancer?


talc, mineral, often used in cosmetic and personal products, it was associated with ovarian cancer and uterus and mesothelioma.Although patients with cancer brought thousands of lawsuits against companies using Talc in their products, it is important to bear in mind that scientific research has not been completely detected from cause and influence.

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The talc is a soft and bright mineral, which is usually found on the rock, buried on Earth. The rock is extracted and then crushed.The talcus extracted and terrestrial is used in a wide range of products, but those that Garner are above all are subject to personal care objects, such as child dust (also known as talc powder) and cosmetics.

The main objective of the talc in these products is absorbing moisture and oil, reducing skin friction and odor, preventing semen and creating a soft sensation.

What is talc?

talc, is technically known as a strong magnesium silicate, it is a mineral that is naturally found on the ground. It consists of magnesium, silicon, oxygen and hydrogen.

in your natural condition, The talc can contain the mineral asbestos, a known substance, which caused cancer, especially when inhaled.In 1976, the Trade Association established the manufacturers of cosmetic and personal products, which represents it, will voluntarily eliminate the asbestos of the talc, which they use.

however, its standard that has not been officially forced, and the fears about Talca is possible to refer to cancer, especially among those that Talc mining work and those used by products containing TALX. Products

, containing talc powder

talc, can be found in everything from The paper to plastics to personal subjects.Was used to make the roof tile as anti-Adhere to the agent in the chewing gum to avoid corrosion and increase adherence in the paint to give paper to print on paper to give cosmetics, such as flush and eye shadow, and help handle rubber on tires, between many other things.

The vast majority of the talc used in the United States is in plastics, ceramics and paint. Only the fraction is used in cosmetics.

Asbestos powder talc

Although talc and asbestos -Two different minerals, both found themselves on Earth in close proximity to each other, easy for a substance to contaminate the other when it is extracted. According to some sources, 1 gram of talc can contain millions of asbestos fibers.

Manufacturers Try to avoid this cross-contamination, carefully choose the production sites and test samples to make sure they only contain talcum.

Asbestos is considered to lead to a unit to people with cancer by groups, such as health and human health services. UU. – Fedra, US Environmental Protection Agency UU(EPA) and the International Cancer Research Agency (IARC) World Health Agency. < The impact of asbestos can lead to several cancer, including:

  • lung
  • Laringe (Voice Box)
  • Mesothelioma, Rare Type of Cancer,that affects the coating of the chest and stomach / Li>

Cosmetics Manufacturers And staff care tools is less to eliminate asbestos from your talc. But you can still find the substance. Food and medicine administration (FDA) performed cosmetic tests and found asbestos in certain signs of dust, blush, eye shadow and other products.

Ovarian cancer

Several studies, including Big-The scale is one of those published in the magazine American Medical Associatio N, found a small increase in ovarian cancer in the people of Wheve used Talcic products in the field of genitals . Increases the risk jumps for life of 1.3% to 1.7%. IARC notes that although the study is limited, the findings are unusually consistent.

he thought it was asbestos in talc or even talc, regardless of any pollution of asbestos, can cause inflammation in the body that can lead to the Cancer.But researchers can not surely say how or even if the talc causes cancer. This is because many of the studies are based on the fact that scientists cause control of the communication case. / P>

Women with ovarian cancer (cases) are compared with women without ovarian cancer (control ) and ask remind them using talc products in the past.Women with ovarian cancer reported the greatest use of talc products in their genital areas, but this does not prove that Talco caused cancer.

. Some of these trials were resolved by billions of dollars.

Johnson and Johnson, a talcovov-based powder manufacturer, talks about sentences that were refuted in the reversed appellate courts.However, referring to the decrease in demand due to changes in consumer habits and is fed by misinformation around the safety of the product and the permanent advertising championship of judicial processes,The company decided to stop selling its talcum. Polve of children in the United States and Canada.