Tattoos for mammary radiotherapy


Before having a radiation , you may need to have a fur marking or radiation tattoos on the breast skin. These signals help your radiation therapist point to the radiation exactly where it is necessary.You can get a radiation for five days a week for four to five weeks, and each treatment must be directed to the same place to prevent recurrence and with a healthy tissue reserve.

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Size and Appearance

Tattoos of mammary radiation will be Size of freckles of freckles or a millimeterendiator There will often be four tattooed points, each mark on a corner of the area, which must be emolved, but some radiation centers now only make one or two. Radiation tattoos are often in regions that others will not be seen.

are blue or black and created with a drop of ink and a very thin needle. These tattoos will not be washed, so it can shower or swim at any time during treatment without losing these important brands.

What it seems

You can feel the handle of the needle, but it is not hurt more than the bite of mosquitoes.Many women say it hurts less than to draw blood or insert an intravenous needle for chemotherapy.


The majority of the radiation tattoo will be constant, although some radiation therapists use temporary versions.Although some women may prefer reversible method, such as these signs must be dry until the end of therapy. In other words, if temporary markers get wet, you can take risks to its inaccurate radiotherapy.

Side Effects

There are very few side effects associated with the use of tattoos for breast cancer radiotherapy. In extremely rare cases, people had allergic reactions to dye.


See Research Reserve See alternatives to visible tattoo for radiotherapy.A study showed that women who have invisible tattoos (using a fluorescent dye) had an improved body image six months after treatment compared to those who had ordinary tattoos.

Disposal settings

If your relapse is very low, and your oncologist agrees, you may want to consider that tattoos are eliminated.It contains operation, dermabrasion and cryotherapy. The dramatologist should be able to guide him to the best method for use.

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Help with radiation tattoos more easily if you understand your goal and importance.Many women see their tattoos of radiation as traces of survival and strength, and not what they want to eliminate. You can even decide to turn your tattoos into creative design to celebrate your survival.

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