Tender shell: anatomy, function and treatment.


Tostales cover, which is a thin layer of cloth, surrounds each tendons on the body. The tendon sheath can also be called a synovial lining or fibrous shells .

tender shells helps protect the tendons of abrasive damage when they move. The synovial fluid produced by the tendon cover supports the moisture barrier that protects and lubricates the tendons and their tendon.

Excessive use and traumatic lesions can cause pain or swelling of tendon shells, often require physical recreation and / or additional treatments, such as medications, physiotherapy or operation.

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TIME THE GRASA Strong structures that join the muscles and bones with each other.They can withstand the degree of stretching and rotate as bones and muscles muscular maneuvers.

Shopping tendons, like tendons, are the type of connective tissue.This means that they interact with other types of body tissues, and do not work independently.

synovy is a connection fabric that rows of structure in the bodys connections, and the tendon is a type of sinship, which Specifically, tendon lines.

. LayersThe fibrous layer is supportive and protective; Synical layer of the tendon lines and give it a synovial fluid.

Both layers are flexible, and move as tendons. The synovial fluid flows in the layers of the roof tendon fabric.


TUCHON SHOUNSS are around the tendons that are in the Joints throughout the body, including hands, hands, shoulders, legs and legs.


Dehushin shells protect tendons when they relax, and when they move.They prevent the tendons from adhering to the surrounding structures, and protect them from the damage that can occur with repetition movements.

Synovial liquid: This type of liquid is constantly produced by the synovial layer of the roof tendon. This liquid feeds the synovial tissue, and also allows the tendons to move gently.

Relevant conditions

There are several conditions that can affect the tendon pod. These diseases are associated with inflammation that swollen due to the proliferation of fluids and immune cells.Inflammation can occur in and around and around the shell tendon as a result of injury, excessive use or illness.


Thaein Inflammation of the tendon cover.Usually, it becomes remarkable at a relatively early stage, when it can be treated.

This condition can affect a compound or more than one compound and can cause edema and / or discomfort. This can be caused by excessive violation or injury. Arthritis

Arthritis – Inflammation of Sustanst. It may include any of the structure of the compound, including the tendon. osteoarthritis is inflammation caused by wear, and rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune state that occurs when the body’s immune system attacks its own joints.


Techolog occurs when the tendon is inflamed. The tender can be inflamed due to excessive damage. This inflammation can also affect the tendon pod.

The infection can contaminate the tendon and / or the tendon cover. This is not common and is generally associated with serious injury associated with an open wound or immunodeficiency (weak immune system).

Fibrous knot

Fibrosic set (also called fibromy), thickening tendon or Tendons It can cause swelling, bulk or discomfort.

Giant cell tumor

A Tumor of the peel cells of the giant tendon is a benign (non-hazardous) growth along the housing tendon.It is not entirely clear why they are developing, but it is believed that it explains excessive use and wear.


There are several procedures for conditions that affect tendon pod.The articulation and placement affected from ice on it in it to reduce swelling often effectively. Anti-inflammatory drugs, including oral (mouth) preparations, drugs or prescription steroids, can reduce inflammation.Sometimes, steroid injections are used to accommodate the inflammation zone by avoiding the effects of the system (full body). .>