Test tests in the thyroid house.


Final verdict

While each test had something else to offer the consumer, we felt that Everlywell offers the best home test on the thyroid gland in general.We have chosen Evertlywell Weverless due to its careful analysis of four markers, in addition to offering an affordable price price compared to other brands.

In addition, all winning companies:

  • disfruta laboratorios que clia-Certificate , which means that they adhere to the federal rules of the United States, carried out by the Clinical Laboratory for Improvement of Amendments 1988
  • , offer a certain degree ,Whether it’s an automatic telephone call from a medical professional, an easy way to request a phone call,a telephone number or a personalized analysis of a doctor
  • with accurate information about the disease and tests of the thyroid gland,Detailed information on the sets and procedure for the collection and contact information relatively slightly in case you have questions or problems
  • say that you will deliver the results of approximately one week or less (interesting, interesting, all of them received complaints online about it, involved in more than they promised, as well as the praise by the fastest than expected.)

Frequently asked questions

How starting tests

For children’s thyroid iron test motors that we explore, request a set of online (or buy it to certain stores or pharmacies) and register a websites of Companys, which requires subscribing to the bill.And where you get results, since the online portal provides greater security than an email.

After sets of sets, you pick up a blood sample (and a urine sample, for a set), the package is in The box, which is provided, and sends it to the laboratory.After the results, you can access them through your account.

What extent proves the tests at home in the thyroid gland?

Various different thyroid tests are available in household complexes.Some checks are only for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) that your body uses to say the thyroid gland to increase the production of thyroid hormones.

Other test kits include not only TSH, but also thyroid hormones in themselves:

  • can be measured in two ways: free levels, which means that they are distributed in the blood and the general level, which includes hormones that associated With other molecules.Taken together is the best indicator of thyroid diseases than just tsh.

    Some sets also include one or two antibody tests to see if you have a thyroid disease autoimmune: