Thalassofobia: Definition, Symptoms, Features, Reasons


thalasoofobia – A strong fear for deep water bodies. People with Talassofobiey experience sudden appearance of anxiety under the influence caused by incentives that may include deep wells, the sea or a lake.

thalassophobia Each experience is different. Some people might panic when they swim in deep water, being on a boat , or can no longer touch the bottom of the pool.Others feel the fear of simply thinking about the ocean, or when it looks at deep-water paintings.

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thalassophobia , often called ‘ fear in front of the ocean ,’It is a specific phobia that involves intense fear of the bodies of water.Thasoofobia is a specific phobia, and therefore it is classified as an anxiety disorder in manual diagnostic and statistical of mental disorders (DSM – 5).

People with specific phobias experience intense fear, caused by a specific stimulus, which is disproportionate in relation to the situation and causes significant discomfort or deterioration.

In the absence of treatment, thalassophobia can significantly limit human life. Users with thalassophobia may feel increased anxiety and stop watch and enjoy activities previously like going to the beach with family and friends , surf, swim , watch some movies and more.


Thassofobia shares symptoms with other specific phobias such as claustrophobia .talassofii defining characteristics compared with other specific phobias and anxiety disorders , is that these symptoms are caused by the influence of the bodies of deep water .P>

Symptoms may include: p>

  • fear, Li>

  • and trembling
  • Dry mouth />
  • Increased frequency or heart palpitations
  • the difficulty breathing, including hyperventilation
  • chest pain
  • fear of losing control or dying
    thalassophobia activators

    thalassophobia customs activators :

    • ocean
    • Pools
    • lakes
    • pie
    • Swimming
    • photographs deepwater
    • not be able to play when the water
    • films with the participation of the subject of deep water,as a jaw