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in vitro comes from the Latin term in glass. The term refers to the studies of biological properties carried out in a test tube (ie, in a glass container), and not in a human or animal. In vitro Studies often oppose in vivo (‘in life’), which are done inside the body.

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in vitro Studies allow scientists to isolate specific cells,Bacteria and viruses and study them without distracting the need to look at the whole organism. So I regret, this means that sometimes the results found in research in in vitro in vitro do not exceed ‘real life’. People are much more complicated than test tubes. However, compared to in vivo research in vitro studies significantly faster.They are also cheaper and can be done with fewer ethical and safety problems.

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in vitro Juega An Important Papel in STD Research.For example, a great early development of the in vitro medicine is made. Scientists will not be able to find new methods to treat HIV without this type of research.The first studies of drug effectiveness are carried out in cell culture. The cells launched are processed to have an idea of whether the medication will work.

Most STD tests studies are also done in vitro . Although the urine or blood samples taken from people, the new tests are integrated into the laboratory. Samples that are known to be infected or not, can be verified with different options. Then, these results can be compared with the fact that it is a standard gold standard .

in vitro the study is important in all areas of medical research. Except for the study that must Becoming a living organism is simpler, cheaper and safer. The in vitro study is important to make medical achievements. You can not do everything in vivo the investigation can, but you can do a lot.

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