The 5 Best Wheelchair Lifts of 2021


Frequent questions

What are wheelchair lifts?

Wheelchair lifts are motorized platforms that move a person while seated, up or down stairs, or from one level to another, such as an elevator. They are used indoors and outdoors. An outdoor wheelchair lift is often used when the ramp is too steep or difficult to move for a person in a wheelchair.

Is a wheelchair lift right for me?

If you need to be in a wheelchair most of the day to get around the house and find that parts of your home are becoming increasingly difficult to access, you may be considering seeking help. Moving from home to a nursing facility may be an option, but if you prefer to stay home for comfort, emotional, family, or financial reasons, an elevator is a much less expensive alternative.

How do wheelchair lifts work?

On the stairs, the wheelchair lift platform is attached to the railing. The user rolls the wheelchair on the platform and, while seated in the wheelchair, presses a button to move the motorized platform along the ramp. The platform is raised or lowered to the desired platform where the wheelchair user steps off the platform and continues on their way.

A vertical wheelchair lift looks like a lift, but it is usually not fully enclosed. You control them in the same way. When you roll the wheelchair on the platform and close the security door, it raises or lowers vertically with the push of a button. Once on the floor to the right, he opens the door and slides off the platform.

How much do wheelchair lifts cost?

Wheelchair lifts that run downhill on stairs start at around $ 10,000, depending on make, capacity, and optional features. A curved stair wheelchair lift will be a bit more expensive due to the necessary adjustments. The base model vertical wheelchair lift also starts at $ 5,000. For installation, plan around $ 1,000 to $ 4,000 for professional work.

Are wheelchair lifts covered by insurance?

Wheelchair lifts are not covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. However, we have found several programs where you can get financial help. What you are looking for is financial assistance for a medically necessary "home modification". Many states have their own programs in which they cover a portion of the cost of converting your home to install a wheelchair lift. You can find a list of organizations that offer exemptions and financial assistance by state on the Paying for Elder Care page .

If you are a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, you may be eligible for home remodeling assistance through the Veterans Directed Care Program (VDCP). The VDCP helps veterans who are at risk of ending up in a long-term care facility because they cannot afford home modifications that allow them to age at home.

How We Pick the Best Wheelchair Lifts

We examined the specifications using's wheelchair lift comparison charts and verified them with the manufacturers.

We also consult with major distributors in the US and Canada, such as Silver Cross . The best dealers are a useful resource because they sell many brands of wheelchair lift and therefore collect feedback from customers, employees, dealers, and installers on all the manufacturers whose products they sell. Their opinion is somewhat objective because they are affiliated with various manufacturers and therefore can tell you which lifts they prefer to sell and why.

As an economical option, we have selected affordable wheelchair lifts that the average handyman can install to keep costs down. Other products like the Aspire vertical platform lift from Precision Lift Industries offer customizable features at higher prices.

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