The 6 Best Home Allergy Tests of 2021


Final verdict

Home allergy tests can be a helpful way to narrow down the range of possible allergies, sensitivities, or intolerances. While they are certainly not always the most accurate way to assess potential allergies, they can give you an idea of the substances your body can fight against and steer you toward better management and treatment. All of these tests offer advantages, but after comparing prices, ease of testing, and many potential allergens tested, we concluded that Test My Allergy is the best.

Test My Allergy offers the most comprehensive selection of allergy tests at the most reasonable price, all with simple test procedures and rapid processing of results.

Compare the best home allergy tests

Best guided meditation Expenses Allergen tested
Check my allergies
Best full test
USD 149 70 allergens
Best for food
USD 159 96 food sensitivity
Best for seasonal allergies
$ 159-299 Wide range according to test panel
Access Laboratories
Best for cat or dog allergies
USD 79 Common allergies to dogs and cats
Allergy test Prime 110
Best for mystery allergies
USD 159 110 substances
Walk-in lab
Best insect repellent
USD 128 or USD 129 (depending on the laboratory used 5 biting insects

How We Pick the Best Home Allergy Test Kits

Home allergy testing kits vary greatly in the way they are sampled and tested for antibodies. We've looked at research on these antibodies to give you information on which one might be the most accurate.

We also take into account customer feedback, ease of testing at home, availability, and company support (follow-up or instructions on what to do with the results). For example, TestMyAllergy was rated "Best Overall" due to its price, testing capabilities, and comprehensive data. On the other hand, the allergy test offer is one of our best offers, as it tests the response to 110 different substances.

VeryWell Word

Health professionals believe that home allergy tests are not reliable, and without the help of a doctor to help you interpret the result, you can become even more confused than before. The tests can also be expensive and unlikely to be covered by health insurance (if you have one).

Without proper interpretation and guidance, you can take steps to mitigate a suspected allergy that you may not need, such as getting rid of your pet or changing its diet.

If possible, after using home allergy testing, we recommend that you consult with your physician for interpretation, confirmation of results, and advice on the best allergy treatments. And if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction or anaphylaxis, it is strongly recommended that you see an allergist for further evaluation rather than conducting allergy tests at home.

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