The 6 best travel agencies for nursing in 2021


Frequent questions

What are travel nursing agencies?

Travel nurse agencies are staffing agencies that place registered nurses and healthcare professionals in hospitals and clinics with short-term staffing needs. They often place people nationally or internationally in areas where there is a shortage of nurses.

What types of benefits can travel nurses get through travel nurses?

It really depends on the agency you use. Nurses who travel often receive direct deposit, health insurance (medical, dental, vision), referral bonuses, housing stipend, bonuses, and overtime pay. There is generally a 401 (k) option for traveling nurses.

How long does it take as a travel nurse?

Some travel nursing opportunities can last as little as 8 weeks, while others can last up to 26 weeks at a time. There are often options and proposals to extend the appointment.

Can traveling nurses choose where to work?

Yes. This generally benefits the job. Some agencies are working to nominate candidates in the United States, while others place nurses around the world. Before deciding to work with an agency, it makes sense to find out where they place nurses if you have a specific place to work.

How We Choose The Best Travel Nursing Agencies

Typically, most travel nurse contracts average around 13 weeks on average (excluding crisis assignments, which can be much shorter but may require an expedited arrival, in some cases as little as 48 hours). Some assignments may later offer the option of re-signing at the end of an existing contract if this is mutually beneficial and the need for clinical staff remains predominant.

California generally offers some of the highest nursing pay rates, according to various websites. According to the 2020 Zip Recruiter list, cities in Colorado, New York, Washington, and Massachusetts ranked first in paid and hourly nursing positions; Arkansas, Florida and New Mexico are among the lowest. It is important to note that the cost of living and destinations with the desired climate can influence wages.

Ultimately, the prospective traveler must always decide whether to be on a mission or on a contract. However, some flexibility can be helpful in this nursing niche, as assignments for a specific specialty and requested city may not always be available, depending on the needs of certain health systems that are actively seeking itinerant nurses in that moment.

This list was compiled through an internal quality control review process using a variety of research tools by weighing the diverse information available from various well-known sites and sources on common travel agency nursing. In addition, nurses with active leave in current missions were interviewed and made valuable and anonymous contributions.

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