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Here is a missing sentence. The bell is there. The initial stages of hearing loss can seem different for each person. According to audiologist Suzanne Katko, AUD, CCC-A, people with hearing loss are usually the first to notice the problem. Another common symptom is when people notice they are fighting in noisy environments, adds ENT otolaryngologist Helena Vikhova, MD. Once informed about this, the person must 'admit that they have a problem and want to do something about it themselves,' says Dr. Katko.

After taking the hearing test, anyone who receives test results with moderate hearing loss can benefit from hearing aids . When it comes to choosing the right hearing aid, both Dr. Katko and Dr. Vikhova advise people to choose based on their lifestyle . If someone leads a relaxed lifestyle, stays home, and has few visitors, they can get a simple hearing aid. But if someone leads an active lifestyle, works regularly, and attends social events, they will need a hearing aid to help them hear better in a noisy environment. In addition to lifestyle, Dr. Vikhova says that people should consider the appearance and visibility of the hearing aid, the noise level in their normal environment, and their personal condition.

It is important to note that the cost of hearing aids is not satisfactory: the average price of hearing aids averages between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000, and some insurance companies do not cover them . The couple won't last as long as you think either. Dr. Katko says that the typical replacement period is five years. 'The reason people choose to replace their hearing aids is because new technologies are emerging with features that they want to take advantage of and hearing aids are starting to wear out. And their hearing can deteriorate, ”he explains.

Although Dr. Vikhova explains that "a hearing aid cannot change your hearing on its own, it can certainly help you perceive your surroundings." So here are some hearing aids to choose from based on your lifestyle and personal needs.

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