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It can be difficult to make an appointment with your doctor or healthcare provider, even if you need special consultation about certain problems and concerns. Of course, an online doctor's advice is not a substitute for seeking help or treating a medical emergency. But for non-emergency needs, online doctors and telemedicine can be very helpful, especially if you don't have health insurance, can't travel, or need overnight pediatric consultations.

Compare Doctors Online

Doctors online Prices Accept insurance Platform
Better overall
$ 0 to $ 82 per doctor visit, depending on insurance Yes Internet and application
The best for women's health
From $ 20 per visit No Internet and application
The best for men's health
$ 15 per online consultation No Internet
Pediatrics at any time
Best pediatric
Fixed fee (undisclosed) Yes Internet and application
Better counseling
Fixed fee (undisclosed) No Internet, application and phone
Best annual subscription plan
Membership costs $ 15 per month. Yes Internet, applications and text messaging

Frequent questions

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine (also called "telehealth") refers to medical care delivered remotely using technology. Telemedicine includes virtual visits to the doctor through videoconferences, phone calls and emails. Telemedicine offers a convenient (and often affordable) way to get medical care without a personal visit to the doctor.

Telehealth is legal in every state in the United States and is reimbursed to some extent by both Medicare and Medicaid and many private insurance companies. While telemedicine was originally developed as a way to provide health care to people living in rural and remote areas, telemedicine has become widely used over the past year as both urban and suburban patients seek medical care that it does not require them to be personally present at the medical facility if this can be avoided.

Do online doctors accept insurance?

Almost all health insurance companies or service providers offer telemedicine, so if you have insurance, the first thing to do is check with your provider's office or your insurance company to find out how to access telemedicine visits. …

The insurance plan requires that you have access to telemedicine through the provider's website. Providers or insurers often contract with companies like Teladoc to provide telemedicine technology, but they (the plan physicians) perform the telemedicine visit itself. You will need to contact your insurance company to make sure your insurance is accepted.

How much do online doctors cost?

Accessing healthcare through the app can be very convenient, but costs can vary widely. Your health insurance may cover telemedicine visits under certain circumstances, but you can also pay cash for a video session with a doctor, therapist, or other healthcare provider .

The average cost of an emergency visit varies by location, but can exceed $ 160, while a telemedicine visit can cost less than half that amount. For fast and affordable healthcare, an online physician app or telemedicine app can be a great option.

Some insurance companies do not charge copayments for telemedicine visits to doctors in their network. Check with your healthcare provider or insurance company if you can get free access to telemedicine tools.

If paid in cash, the cost per visit can be around $ 25 if you use Rethink My Healthcare, up to $ 284 for the first MDLive psychiatrist visit and $ 108 for each follow-up. Each doctor or online application sets its own admission fee in cash, so it is worth buying.

Can Doctors Prescribe Medicines Online?

Online doctors can generally prescribe antibiotics, skin creams, antidepressants, and other medically necessary prescriptions. However, most of the online doctors cannot prescribe drugs like drugs and some psychiatric drugs .

The federal government has created a registry to allow telemedicine doctors to prescribe these types of controlled substances, but most doctors have not yet registered.

What if I need a lab test?

Your telemedicine provider can electronically send orders for lab tests, images, and other tests that your doctor may need to diagnose or treat your medical condition.

Please note that you may be billed for these services if you do not use the telemedicine services covered by your insurance company. Before accepting the proof, be sure to check with your insurer to see if the costs will be covered.

How We Select The Best Doctors Online

We conduct extensive research to evaluate the range of services, convenience, availability, and cost of various telemedicine and telehealth providers. Our study included only telemedicine providers at the national level, excluding local or regional services and applications. To determine the overall value, we estimate the cost of each application based on the volume of services provided.

Other factors we investigated before choosing the best apps included: credentials of the healthcare providers or therapists providing services, ease of use, consent from health insurance, number and type of free services or resources included in the price, privacy policies and security, including HIPAA compliance. , if it is applicable.

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