The 7 best places to buy glasses online in 2021


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About half of the U.S. population. glasses – so you’re not alone. But it’s not always possible to buy glasses in person, especially if you’re looking for a specific style or if there aren’t suitable retailers near you. That’s where online shopping comes in. Whether you are looking for reading glasses, sunglasses glasses, casual frames or fashion glasses with blue light. these retailers have hundreds of styles that best suit your personal needs. 

Chris Albanis, MD, ophthalmologist and a member of the American Council of Ophthalmology said Get Meds Info. that vision remains more important than ever “as many spend more time on computers, online meetings, virtual learning and reading.” He says that people should first consider the comfort and Size of lenses when choosing glasses. 

If you have trouble finding glasses.which are best for you, Dr. Albanis recommends seeking the help of a local eye professional who has experience in daily fitting and selling eyeglasses. 

We research dozens of online eyewear stores and evaluate them for feedback, shipping speed, site work, pricing, product selection, virtual fit options, and return policies. Each of the retailers selected in this article was identified as the best of these factors.

Here are the best online eyewear stores on the market to date.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a retailer with hundreds of options and a seamless frame testing system, we recommend Warby Parker (Look at Warby Parker). If you want more modern frames that are still affordable, we recommend GlassesUSA (view on GlassesUSA). 

What to look for when Buying Glasses online


If you’re going to wear glasses all day long, they should definitely be comfortable; but even if you plan on wearing them read-only or long-distance, you don’t want to get stuck with glasses that are pressed, slipping or falling, sit crooked on your face, feel too heavy on your nose, or cause a headache. 

“Comfort is crucial, especially if you are going to wear glasses for several hours a day,” says Dr. Albanis. Check how well your glasses fit by evaluating how they sit on the bridge of the nose, sit behind the ears, and “sit” on the face to better determine if they will be worn well over an extended period of time. “There should be no gaps between a person’s actual nose bridge and the nose bridge of the glasses-this also often causes the glasses to slip out of the face,” he says Dr. Maria Armandi he is an optometrist and professor at the Pennsylvania School of Optometry at Salus University. “If the length of the temple is not large enough, then the curve will not sit on the ear as it should, so the glasses can move forward again,” he adds. 

If you’re especially concerned about ordering glasses online and their correct fit, look for retailers that offer discounts on any future fit, says New York optician Jonah Berman, O. D.:”Some online retailers [know] how important fits can be and offer rebates of up to $ 20 for the actual fit.”


Glasses can be expensive, especially if they are not insured by vision insurance. “When buying glasses, it’s important to consider the entire spectrum, which is more cost-effective financially, temporally, and medically,” says Robert C. Lyman, M. D., president of the American optometry association (AOA). 

Dr. Alabnis says that a higher price does not always mean higher quality. The type of material and protective coating on the glasses actually determines the quality best. “Depending on your visual needs, the eye professional you are working with should be able to explain the pros and cons to meet your needs,” says Dr. Albanis.

Also be careful when spending money on additional features that you may or may not need, or that have not been shown to be of great benefit. Lenses that block blue light, for example, have become extremely popular with eyeglass sellers, but Dr. Ahmad says the extra feature probably doesn’t make good use of your eyeglass budget.

Frame shape

Not all Frames are created the same way, especially depending on the shape of someone’s face. “There are rules of form,” says Dr. Armandy. “For a round face, you shouldn’t make a round frame because it will make your face look too round. If you have a very angular face, you may not need a very square frame or an angular frame.” There are several reasons why glasses come with rules about how they should be placed on the face. First, this is done to ensure that the glasses do not overestimate or minimize any facial features. “Your body shape should be the opposite shape of your face so you can balance the features of your face,” says Dr. Armandy. An optometrist can help you understand what to pay attention to when choosing different Frames for your prescription glasses. 

There are also rules when it comes to choosing the right lenses that fit your frame. “It’s important to make sure a specific frame fits prescription lenses well, and a doctor (or optician) can recommend thinner, lighter lenses to improve comfort and appearance, especially if someone has a special need for a stronger prescription,” says Dr. Lyman.

Warranty or return policy

Pay close attention to any retailer’s policy regarding eyeglasses refunds if they are not right for you, while some will refund you completely, others will only give you credit to use on another pair of eyeglasses from the same company instead of giving you your money back. “I have had people who have had problems with the return policy, even if the glasses were made wrong. Understand what the return policy is, ” recommends Dr. Armandy. 

You should also take note of any warranty information sent along with your order in case your eyeglasses do not last as long as you expect; there are many factors that affect the life of a pair of eyeglasses, but Dr. Berman says that a pair of well-made and durable eyeglasses should come with a customer-friendly warranty.

“The material your frame is made of, the strength and flexibility of the material, the simplicity of the frame and the number of parts used, the way the lenses fit the frame, the ease of adjustment and the use of the eyeglass case all play an important role in [determining] how long your glasses will last,” he explains, adding that he can buy a second pair of glasses as a backup in case his first pair is damaged.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, a prescription is needed to buy eyeglasses online if you want to help with any vision problems you may have. Glasses are medical devices regulated by the U.S. food and drug administration (FDA), and they are not suitable for everyone,” says Dr. Lyman. “Each pair of glasses should fit specifically so that it not only fits comfortably to your face, but also fits your specific prescriptive needs.” Eye exams are an essential tool for people to use so they can learn a prescription to help solve vision problems. Otherwise, side effects of wearing glasses with the wrong prescription may occur. “Headaches, eye strain, and nausea can all be the result of wearing reading glasses that aren’t the right prescription. That’s why optometry doctors work with patients not only to accurately determine the right prescription, but also to determine the right type and fit,” says Dr. Lyman.

  • How often you need to replace glasses can often depend on how the frame resists constant use. “Sometimes a pair of glasses can last five to six years, if they have a good frame, they clean them properly,” says Dr. Armandy. “But people should have regular eye exams, regardless of whether their glasses are in good condition.” The American optometry association recommends that adults ages 18 to 64 have eye exams at least once every two years if they have no symptoms or are at low risk. High-risk people in this age group should have annual eye exams. Adults over the age of 65 should have an eye exam at least once a year. “Usually, most people will need new glasses when they change their prescription,” says Dr. Lyman.

    Other reasons why glasses should be replaced include the presence of scratches or dents on them. “They can affect your vision in ways you don’t realize and potentially make your eyes too stressed,” says Dr. Lyman. Eyeglass cleaning problems may also indicate that you need to buy a new pair. “The coatings on the glass can break over time, leaving a film that makes cleaning the glass difficult or even blurry,” he adds.

What the experts say

“Regardless of where a patient chooses to buy, the basis for having glasses that work well for them is to make sure they undergo a comprehensive eye exam to assess their eye health before making a purchase. The consequences of an incorrect or uninformed purchase can cost patients more time and money and have long-term health consequences.” — Dr. Lyman

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