The 7 Best Support Groups for Caregivers in 2021


Frequent questions

What are tutor support groups?

Caregiver support groups are basically a place to learn more about care (for different types of conditions), receive and provide emotional support, and share experiences.

The person who has walked the path you are traveling can give you good advice on how to deal with the challenges you may face. In turn, as you become more educated and experienced as a caregiver, you will likely have valuable information to help others in the group, especially newcomers.

Each type of group is structured differently. Some offer meetings over the phone, others are online, live chat, or email, and local meetings are in person. But all caregiver support groups aim to facilitate communication between caregivers who can help each other on their journey.

Is A Caregiver Support Group Right For Me?

When it comes to support, no two people are the same. Some people are comfortable in a group, others get anxious when it comes to speaking in front of others, especially strangers. That is why there are different types of groups on our list.

An online forum can be ideal for those who are best able to express their feelings in writing, while others really need to see (and sometimes hug) the other person. Leaving can be a very isolating experience for some people who may actually need social interaction with people in their support group meetings.

Others may feel overwhelmed when leaving, and need nothing more than to find a quiet place to sit, reflect, and express their emotions by sharing their thoughts in writing.

If you are the type of person who requires more structure than a peer-led group can provide, you may want to consider one of the listed tutor groups offered by licensed moderators, or it may be best to seek professional help. of a therapist. . or a consultant through individual counseling or group therapy.

How are caregiver support groups structured?

Each group has its own format, some are highly structured, while others offer a more informal and interactive approach. Typically, groups led by a professional or trained facilitator will be more structured, while peer-led groups may have a more relaxed approach.

The specific type of structure suggested by the group is a question you can ask in the initial contact to inquire about the group. But for the most part, each group will include an opportunity for each member to share their experiences, ask questions, or express their emotions without judgment.

How much they cost?

Each of the support groups on our list offers groups for free to join and participate in for free.

Do these groups accept safe?

For the groups on our list, the insurance premium does not apply because they are free. However, if you opt for one-on-one professional advice or group therapy, you can check with your insurance company if the service is covered.

How We Select The Best Support Groups For Caregivers

Caregiver support groups were selected by an expert in dementia, Alzheimer's and family care. The most important consideration when choosing organizations was the legitimacy of the website and the organization as a whole.

We look at how long the organization was established, who moderates / facilitates the groups, what kind of training the facilitators have, and much more.

We then select a wide variety of different group models, including online forums, social media groups, and personal groups, in the hope that at least one of these will be suitable for all caregivers looking for a trusted source of information and a reliable continuous work. Support group.

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