The 8 best contraceptive services of 2021


Final verdict

Birth control services are making access to reproductive health and wellness more convenient, affordable and safe than ever. Whether you have insurance or pay for birth control out of pocket, these services offer many options, easy consultation with healthcare providers, and fast, free delivery of your prescriptions right to your home. Some services, such as Prjkt Ruby and Twentyeight Health, also go beyond providing clients with contraceptives, they also help improve everyone's access to sexual and reproductive health services by donating a portion of their income to non-profit organizations. worthy. However, Nurx is our best option. It offers affordable prices for more than 100 different generic and brand-name contraceptives, from pills and patches to rings and even an injection, and provides STI and herpes testing and treatment, HIV medications, emergency contraception, and HPV screening.

Compare the best contraceptive delivery services

Obstetric service Available in Price Consultation price Free shipping
The best for a change
31 states Without insurance: from $ 15 per month. Consultation fee $ 15 Yes
Prjkt Ruby
Best for government accessibility
All 50 states except North Carolina and Washington. Without insurance: from $ 20 per cycle Nobody Yes
Simple health
Best for education
32 states Without insurance: from $ 15 per month. Consultation fee $ 20 Yes
Pill club
Best for extras
49 states Uninsured – Starting at $ 7 per package (when shipped for 1 year) and $ 11 per package (when shipped for 3 months) Consultation fee $ 15 Yes
Lemon Health Aid
Best for cash payments
The 50 states Uninsured: Starting at $ 15 per package, delivered every 3 months. Consultation fee $ 25 Yes
Pill pack
Best for customer service
The 50 states Uninsured: Call 855-745-5725 for pricing and options. Nobody Yes
Twenty-eight health
Best for those who need a doctor.
21 states Without insurance: from $ 16 per month. Consultation fee $ 20 Yes
Pandia health
Best for existing recipes
Can prescribe up to 13 states (shipping to all 50 states) Without insurance: from $ 15 per month. Consultation fee $ 20 Yes

How do we select the best contraceptive delivery services?

We evaluated several online contraceptive distribution companies and looked for some that were transparent in their messages and easy to use. The survey consists of companies that are endorsed by health insurance providers, are available to those who pay out of pocket, and companies that work with licensed or board-certified physicians. Whenever possible, we looked for brands based on women, with women on the leadership team, or with female doctors who provide medical evaluations and online consultation (such as Pandia Health and Twenty Eight Health).

We looked for sites that offered sex education through blogs, that had lots of frequently asked questions, and active customer service. We also selected companies with positive customer reviews that have served in many states and, if not, those with expansion plans.

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