The 9 best heaters of 2021


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Pain and muscle pain and joints can wear out in everyday life. Invest in heater – it’s a drug-free way to deal with this pain from the comfort of your own home. These pads provide fast and efficient heating of problem areas in minutes, making it easy immediately sick state that you’re experiencing. Not to mention, they’re great for the colder season.

“Applying heat to the diseased muscle will improve blood flow, which will increase the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the muscle, promoting tissue healing,” he says Alyssa Reese. DPT, a physical therapist from Florida. “Heat can also treat tight muscles and joints by reducing muscle spasms and increasing tissue elasticity, allowing for better joint mobility.”

When choosing a heating pad, it’s important to think about what your specific needs are for a given product. There are many styles of heaters available, whether for hands, Microwaves or for specific pain, and they work differently depending on your own aches and pains. We research dozens of heaters and rank them based on their feedback, heating configurations, auto shut-off capabilities, pricing, and design. Each of the products selected in this article was recognized as the best of these factors.

Here are the best heaters on the market to date.

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a flexible heating pad to use on various areas of your body, we recommend the Pure Enrichment PureRelief heating pad (view on Amazon). If you want to eliminate targeted pain, we recommend Sunbeam GoHeat portable heated patches (view on Amazon)

What to look for in a heating pad


When it comes to heating pads, size is important because it best determines how you will target the area of your body you need. You’ll need to make sure all the muscle is covered if you’re looking for total relief, Dr. Raineri says.


If you have aches and pains in various areas of the body, a heating pad with a flexible design will save you the purchase of various products. Look for heating pads that can stick to various areas of your body. But it is important not to use the product on specific injuries, as this can further aggravate the problem rather than help. “Heat therapy should be avoided for any injuries that are considered acute or have occurred more recently,” says Dr. Reinery. “Acute injuries are likely to be accompanied by swelling, bruising and possibly even open wounds where heat should not be used.”

Heating settings

When choosing between heaters, it is important for the user to understand what type of heat he will receive from the product. “An electric heating pad is usually used that produces dry heat,” says Dr. Reinery. An electric heating pad may be convenient because it provides a temperature range as well as an automatic shut-off in case you fall asleep while in use. 

“Another option is a moist heat pack,” adds Dr. Reinery. “Because these types of Heating packs usually don’t have special heat settings, it’s important that you use the right number of layers between the Heating pack and your skin to reduce the risk of burns.” These different types of heating pads are not the same, especially when you want to get rid of muscle aches. “Although dry heat is more comfortable, moist heat tends to be more effective in treating muscle pain and stiffness because it can penetrate deeper into tissues than dry heat,” says Dr. Reineri.

Frequently asked questions

  • Depending on the injury, it’s important not to lie constantly on the heating pad “for more than 15 to 20 minutes,” says Dr. Reinery. “It’s also important if you’re lying in a heat bag so there are enough layers between the heat bag and your skin to reduce the risk of burns.” If you use a heating pad at night, set a low heat level and make sure it turns off automatically if you plan on falling asleep while using it to make sure you don’t abuse the pad on a sore muscle or joint.

  • Dr. Raineri says that the most common injury people suffer when using heating pads is burns. “To reduce the risk of burns, remove all jewelry, examine the skin and make sure it is not damaged, use layers between the skin and the heat bag and set a timer,” he recommends. If you experience any side effects when using a heating pad, consult a licensed physician or physical therapist. “When evaluating your skin while using a hot pack, if there is severe redness or rash, blisters, pain or swelling, discontinue use and seek the help of a doctor,” says Dr. Reinery. 

  • Women who are pregnant or experience menstrual cramps may use a heating pad to relieve symptoms. “The uterus is a muscle. Uterine cramps are muscle contractions that serve to remove the uterine Lining that is painful, ” he says Kecia Gaiter, MD, board certified in obstetrics / gynecology and maternal-fetal medicine, director of perinatal services at NYC + Hospital / Lincoln. “Heat helps relax muscles, improve blood flow to that area. Use pain relievers (NSAIDs such as Advil or Motrin) in addition to heat, bath, or heating pad to reduce pain.”

What the experts say

“Conditions in which heat packs can be beneficial include chronic muscle or joint pain, muscle cramps, arthritis, and muscle or joint stiffness.” — Alyssa Reese. DPT, Florida physical therapist

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