The best genital positions for people with bad backs.


Sex with a bad back does not laugh. The study suggests that at least 37% adults with low back pain are experiencing some kind of difficulty during sex.In addition, up to 7% informs that the pain in the back of the back significantly limited its useful life.

If you are interested in how to have sex with a bad back, you must first understand the various reasons for back pain and how the pose pain directly and indirectly affects.This is especially true for people with disc tasks , including bent discs and slid disks.

The speed when you have back pain

Back pain caused by disk tasks generally increases each time you tilter forward (called spinal flexion ).Fold the spine in the opposite direction (the expansion of the spine) can help relieve this pain. Most of us belong to this as ‘bow, back’.’

Independent motif, therefore, sexual positions that minimize flexion, or an increase in expansion can help reduce pain during sex.When developing a plan, start defining how much you can tilt or bend the spineless spine. You can tell you one of several things:

  • if you have a significant pain in any direction, you should focus on Poses that stabilize .
  • If you are a little flexible the spine without significant pain, you should focus on moving your pelvis while holding your back.
  • If you can not bend at all, there are things that your partner can do to allow you to stay even during oral, vaginal or anal sex.

Regardless of your spine, while staying relaxed, it is the key to avoid pain. Church and concern almost invariably causes muscle touches and cuts that increase, and do not minimize. pain.

Sex positions to help minimize back pain

There are a number of positions and tricks that can effectively minimize back pain during sex.If you tend to use the same position with your partner, some of them can be a bit uncomfortable. We discussed them in advance, you can feel more easily during sex and reduce the risk of injury.

Missionary position

WHEN IS IN POSITION Mission position as a point of low (susceptible) can keep the lower part of the back, placing a rolled towel under it.It is likely that it retains a small bow on its Ack.

Keeping a bow of light is preferable to keep your back flat. The flat back strengthens the pelvis forward, causing more folds than you can expect.

Partner at the top

The missionary position can be less comfortable for the upper couple (built-in), That makes you fold and extend the spine.One of the ways to stabilize your back is that a couple susceptible from above, while lying on your back.

however, you should be careful that your partner does not bounce too strongly.This can make your pelvis on the mattress, causing spinal flex. A way to avoid this by placing solid boards for buttocks and lower back. It can help keep your back straight, while the base mattress acts like a shock absorber.

Sitting on the knees

If you are a susceptible partner, you can often avoid pain sitting on your knees From your rejected partner this will give you a control over your back position.Another possibility is to kneel when it maintains its own weight on the elbows. In this position, it is possible to customize your back when your partner enters it from behind.It stabilizes and minimizes bending, even if the retaining partner is moving energy energetically.

The knees may be more problematic for the upper partner, especially if the mattress is soft.That said, you can avoid back pain, if the companion of the four makes all move, pushing forward and backward into the waiting partner.

Final Position

Lying on the stomach, replace automatically in the arc. You can control the arc number of this position in several ways. To add more arches, start by placing the pillow under your chest.If this does not provide enough expansion of the spine, hang the elbows. Given the number of arches on the back, place the pillow under the stomach.

If you are the main partner (auxiliary), and your partner is on the mattress, you can minimize the movement backward, placing the movement of the pillow under your partner’s pelvis.The vagina or anus is better opened and does not make you bend your back as much as you forward.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes.Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common side effects of opioid adoption, such as Vicoden (hydrocodone), oxicortin (oxycodone) and codeine.

  • да.Studies show that women who take opioids for chronic pain often have a decrease in libido. In addition, opioid medications can also change hormone levels and interfere with menstrual cycles.

  • .The study of more than 80,000 people found that those who regularly accepted non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) were 38%, more likely to experience erectile dysfunction. The researchers pointed out that it was not clear if the drug causes.

    Erectile problems may also be associated with the health status for which people take NSAID.

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