The best time of day to take medications for blood pressure.


Typical tips by adopting medications for hypertension (high blood pressure) to take it in the morning.However, the growing evidence, almost all medications for blood pressure are the most effective if accepted at night.

A relatively new approach to the medical treatment deadlines called chronotherapy . Chronicia is based on a circadian natural cycle of physical changes that occur in the body every 24 hours.It was used to determine the best days for the treatment of other medical conditions, including obstructive sleep apnea , Chronic kidney disease and diabetes .

This article explains how many types of blood pressure drugs work, such as blood pressure, naturally, seeks to increase and fall, and why it happened the change of the Council to take arterial drugs for the night and not by the morning.

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How arterial pressure medicine

has 11 different types of medications for blood pressure ,According to the American cardiac association. Everyone works in different ways, but the overall objective of the hypertension of the drug is to facilitate the flow of blood and so that the heart breaks down.

  • diuretics The excess liquid and sodium of the body
  • Betals Blocks make the heart slower, it decreases how much it should work and reduces the amount of blood,what heart should extinguish
  • solid help inhibitors> reduces the amount of chemical products, called angiotensin training of the enzyme , which makes the artery narrow,or it becomes reduces to
  • block blockers of angiotensin II block block for angiotensin,To avoid its sulfur artery

  • calcium channel blockers relax and expand the blood vessels and the highest hearts
  • Alflockers Help relax the walls of blood vessels
  • Alfa2 receiver agonists Reduce the activity of the sympathetic nervous system,that controls the heart rate and other involuntary body functions
  • combined alpha and betales blocks are mainly used to treat people with a hypertensive crisis and prescribed a given intrambling needle toVentuometers for people with high risks of heart failure
  • central agonists facilitate the blood vessels kontraktract
  • peripheral adrenergic inhibitors chemical blocks in the brain,which plays a role in the invocation of blood vessels to become narrow
  • Vasodilatores Relax the walls of Blood vesels,So that they can expand and allow the bloodstream to transfer easier

When the blood pressure is higher?

Blood pressure rises and falls into a predictable patternDuring the day and night. When he wakes up in the morning, he extends, and then continues to increase during the day.

At night, during sleep, tends to reduce. However, for people with hypertension, this is not always the case.In fact, there are four night blood pressure shifts different templates for people with high blood pressure:

  • normal blood pressure passion by 10% to 20%
  • diving extreme, which is a drop of more than 20%
  • ,not the fall of diakique, less than 10%
  • the reverse immersion, in what blood pressure is more during sleep,What during the vigil of

the three types of abnormal divers in blood pressure are associated with different health risks that affect arteries and hearts, kidneys, blood sugar levels and more.

The only way to find out how changes in your blood pressure should measure it regularly at different times during the day and night. One way to do it with ambulatory pressure monitoring (ABPM) .

This technique includes the burden of blood pressure, as your health care provider, constantly uses your office for a certain period of time of 24 or 48 hours.The sleeve is connected to a small monitor that can be attached to the belt or other clothing object, which automatically measures blood pressure every 15 or 30 minutes.

Since it controls blood pressure during sleep, as well as during vigil, it can be a useful way to determine what immersion, if applicable, someone tends to have at night.


There are many types of blood pressure medications. Each works in different ways. Blood pressure strives in the morning, increases during the day and take it during sleep.

Advantages of the intake of medications at night

A few studies found Medications for blood pressure,They can work better when taken at night or before bed for people, than night shifts. . The researchers divided the participants into two groups.However, the group took its blood pressure medicine in the morning, and the other group took its drugs at night. At least once a year, all participants suffered an outpatient monitoring of blood pressure.

The researchers discovered that they were compared with the participants who took their medicines in the morning, those who took them at night were a reduced risk of development or dying of a series of conditions.For example:

  • The risk of stroke was less than 49%
  • Risk of heart attack below 44%
  • HGEART risk rejected It was below 42%

study in 2015 in the diabecology journal show that you take these medications at night the risk of type 2 diabetes in people with hypertension. On the basis of this, the American Diabetes Association Medical Assistance Standards in Diabetes2017 STATES providers of medical institutions must advise patients on blood pressure medications To take it at night.

The studios found other possible benefits of taking medication for blood pressure at night. One of them is that many people are more likely to take medications before bed, than in the morning.Another is that when accepted at night, the effects of the blood pressure drug, as a rule, fly more slowly than when they are taken in the morning.

Nothing means that you should never take medications for blood pressure in the morning.In fact, it can be perfect in the case of diuretics that work, helping the kidneys get rid of excess fluid.Because diuretics can cause Orine more (as a result, as a result of night trips to the bathroom), sometimes it is better to take them in the morning.

Always take any medication according to the instructions of your medical care.If you take the blood pressure medication in the morning, do not start taking it at night, not mainly with your health care provider.


For some time, it was recommended to people who adopted medication for blood pressure in the morning when blood pressure tends to fly and risk a heart attack,Stroke, and other emergencies associated with high blood pressure, as a general rule. However, there is evidence that no matter what kind of blood pressure medications take, it is likely to take it better at night before sleeping.Studies have shown this time to reduce the risk of medical events.

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