The effectiveness of condoms against pregnancy.


When it comes to control , some methods are more effective than others. This is especially in the case of methods from above (OTC) .For example, the effectiveness of condoms against pregnancy is greater than the effectiveness of spermicides. Plus To be the most efficient control of OTC fertility, it must be used correctly each time you have fun, even if the condoms can be an effective way to prevent pregnancy, if your kind refuses to Use condoms, or he did not put it correctly,The condom loses part of its effectiveness.

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When we talk about the effectiveness of any type of birth control (including condoms and other OTC methods), we look at the perfect personalized courses,and also typical custom courses.

  • The perfect use refers to the effectiveness of the birth control method, when used sequentially (value, each time you have sex) and are always used correctly.They generally apply to the average person. They say how effective the fertility control method is not always used, or if used, it can not be used correctly.These rates, as a rule, pay attention, because the truth is that it can be difficult to use always and reliably the control of fertility.

One last information to be remembered, ideal bets and typical bets are based on 100 pairs that use this method of OTC birth control for one year and determine how much it will be pregnant during the anus.This is where things can be complicated, so I will try to break it by you:

  1. is not 100% effective in perfect or typical use over time (except ASTINENCE ) . These performance indicators are based on the use of a fertility control method for one year. They do not take into account the frequency with which this year has sex.For example, in typical use, the effectiveness of condoms against pregnancy is 82%. This is the case if you have sex or 300 times for the first time.This does not mean that if you have sex 100 times you are pregnant at the 82nd time (or at any time after that). It also does not mean that it has 82% of the possibilities will not be pregnant.
  2. also does not mean that condoms can be 100% effective. When you look at once , you have sex, you get pregnant, or not (in the end, you can not be pregnant at fifteen%).If you used a condom for contraception, when you have sex at that time, and you are not pregnant, you can say that the effectiveness of this condom against pregnancy was 100%.

How effective are the OTC fertility control methods?

Well, first, it may be useful to know that you can buy controls in OTC fertility in the store or online without prescription medical.These methods generally act as a barrier to maintain sperm of binding and fertilizer eggs. So now we are going to compare the effectiveness of the control of OTC fertility.


Male condoms made of latex, polyurethane , polyisoprene or natural membrane. One of the things that the condom efficiency factor is that it is using a condom of the correct size.Preliminary condoms generally do not violate or have holes and are one of the only methods of birth control methods, which are also effective in preventing sexually transmitted infections.

  • Perfect use: The condoms of men 98% efficiently.
  • Typical use: The condoms of men are 82% effective. This means that from every 100 women whose partners use condoms for one year, 2 will be pregnant (with perfect use) and 18 will be pregnant (with typical use).

Female condoms

A female condom is both a pre-lubricated and polyurethane box or synthetic latex.Like men’s condoms, women’s condoms can also offer protection against sexually transmitted infections.To make sure it is more effective, you may want to practice inserting women condom a couple of times before having sex. As a new female condom for each act of sexual relationships and never use a female condom with a male condom.

  • Perfect use: Female condoms are 95% effective.
  • Typical use: Women’s condoms are 79% effective. This means that from every 100 women who use female condoms for one year, 5 pregnant women (with perfect use) and 21 will be pregnant (with typical use).


Spermicide Mata Cum.You can come in many forms and tend to be more efficient when used with an additional fertility control method, such as a condom or opening.

  • use Perfect: Spermicide in an 82% cash.
  • Typical use: The spermicide is 72% effective.
  • This means that from every 100 women who use foam, cream, jelly, film or suppository, spermicida for one year, 18 will become pregnant (With perfect use) and 28 will be pregnant (with typical use).


sponge made of polyurethane foam and coated with spermicide, neoxinol-9. It can offer continuous protection of pregnancy up to 24 hours.The sponge is more effective if it remains in place, at least 6 hours after sex. As in the case of a female condom, it can be useful for practicing to make sure that a sponge is correctly inserted.

Efficiency speed for the lifting range of 76% to 91%.

For women who did not give birth:

  • Perfect use: Sponge 91% efficient.
  • Typical use: 88% effective sponge.
  • This means that from every 100 women who were never born and enjoy a sponge for a year, 9 will be Pregnant women (with a perfect use) and 12 will be pregnant (with typical use).

For women who gave birth to:

  • Perfect use : 80% cash sponge.
  • Typical use: 76% sponge effectively.
  • This means that from every 100 women who had previously given birth and enjoy a sponge for a year, 20 will be pregnant (with perfect use) and 24 will be pregnant (with typical use).

The study suggests that the performance of the sponge may increase during the second year of use, may have been more comfortable because of women who use this method.

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