The function and location of the almonds.


Almonds are part of the body’s lymphatic system, which is part of the immune system. Almonds help infections of the immune system to fight, but they are infected with themselves, especially in childhood.

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Anatomy Almonds

There are three sets of almonds on the back of the mouth: adenoid, palatine and pagan almonds. These almonds consist of lymphatic tissue and, as a rule, small size.These three sets of almonds help protect the immune system against infections, especially infections in a pot as the walls of the throat .

almonds, which are visible when looking at the mouth, They are palatine almonds.The almonds grow to puberty, then begin to decrease in later years.

Why the almonds are deleted

When doing your job, prevent them with infection , milying themselves can steal infected and must be eliminated, the operation called tonsillectomy.Almond infection is usually simply treated with an antibiotic. / P>

Palantine almonds are the most obvious (easy to see) when they become infected and inflamed, but The three sets can be expanded.In severe cases, almonds can become the size of a walnut, and in rare cases they can be so great that breathing is difficult.If breathing is a problem due to the size of the almonds, or infected repeatedly for a short period of time, an operation may be required.

Most TA> Tonsillectomye procedures are carried out in childhood, since most people grow from almond infections, as they increase.Although the almond infection is more common in childhood, they still have to be eliminated in adults of life if they are large enough to avoid the ability to breathe.AptaPPlication of a dream can have a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy as a treatment.

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