The height and angle of your office chair, causing back pain


Although the office chair the industry is prosperous, little, few people stop learning what they need to know about how to make their seat at their height, Marco or any condition you may have, such as the pain of the hips.Instead, most ergonomic presidents are based on their decisions about the purchase of color, style and price.

Here are some tips to adjust your office chair to reduce your rear and poor pain.

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Use the height adjustment of your chair

Rarency Office worker, who is interested in playing with the controls located ,Located the general part of the seat chairs, but the levers, the oars and the dishes there for some reason.If nothing else, find out how to set the height of the chair, you can provide a link to any other setting of the workstation you have to do.

Height adjustment is the main way to change the angle of your hip articulation during the seats.This angle, in turn, affects the position of your pelvis and the degree of curve at the bottom of the back, possibly changing the normal leveling of your spine. And the height of your chair also affects certain muscles (Quadring, Psoas and Hinstrings), which play an important role in back pain associated with misfortune.

It is much larger than the angle of the rear armchair

Just think about the angle of your hip joint: this is what you can control, simply by adjusting the height of the chair.The corner of the hip is the nearby (many thighs of bending) or to what extent (less hip flexing ) your trunk on top of your hip when you sit on your chair. When it configures its height , configure the degree of bending in your hip connection.

A recent study measured the load found on the simulated spinal discs.The researchers concluded that the pressure on the spine can be provided with a more open angle between the barrel and the thigh, that is, the hip articulation alarm.

, of course, the back earring, the slope of inclination and the lumbar support functions of your chair can help withstand the pain And they should be used.But to configure you with the help of the perfect alignment from the beginning, nothing is compared to obtain the correct seat height for your frame.

Obtaining your place in the correct height

Another way to understand your hip The corner for the hip is to compare the height of the knees at the height of the hips.Usually, this is the easiest way to evaluate if the height of the chair is adequate until it is in the process of adjusting it.

When your chair chair is a height, your feet will be flat on the floor.The legs must reach the floor, without causing pressure on the back of the thighs. If you have a case of hanging legs (which may be associated with your own height), place the footrest or a thick book below them.

The knees must be approximate or lower than the hips. The level, in this case, corresponds to an angle of 90 degrees between the thigh and the trunk, which is relatively unreacted on the hips and the back .

Risks when your chair is too high

If you can not get to the foot to the floor, your chair is probably too high.The Administration of Occupational Health and Safety (OSHA) says it is potentially dangerous because it can lead to its load ahead and, therefore, the backrest support came out. This will be considered an uncomfortable position and a risk factor for disorders associated with the work of of the musculoskeletal system (MSD) .The symptoms of MSD due to an uncomfortable understanding sedentary posture can include muscle fatigue, swelling, pain, numbness or decreased circulation.

Risks when your The chair is too low

If your knees are higher than your hips, your chair is probably too low.In this case, its hip joints will have an extreme degree of bending. The majority of folkloric people can not face this, because their thigh muscles are not flexible.If you are sitting with the highest knees than on your hips, your position may be responsible for the greatest pain.

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