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The purchase of long-term care insurance is a great solution that should explore carefully.With so many different factors for justification for many months or years, you need coverage, and how much it is necessary to pay the quality of service quality, choose an insurer with experience and topnotch with agents that will spend time with you,To talk about your precise needs and help you direct you for a better insurance that matches your budget.

With this in mind, we recommend talking to an experienced insurance broker, which has a deep background and knowledge about each of the care Long term insurance companies that are on the list.We recommend asking agent if they represent all the companies listed. Otherwise, start with contact with the company that most coincides in your needs to start planning your long-term insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

What is long-term service insurance?

Long-term care insurance – It is a private insurance that you buy in preparation to help pay attention and medical and non-medical services I may need when it becomes older.Long-term care insurance can help protect your assets, but you should be careful when studying politics, because there are many exceptions and details to understand.

Pay Medicare pay for long-term care?

Medicare does not cover more long-term care, and Medicaid will only cover your help, only if you are in the approved Medicaid. You must meet the Strict financial guidelines for ratings.

.How many lighting is available for long-term care?

Insurers vary, but can buy a long-term care policy to take care of it for $ 1 million and more, even if I keep in mind that Monthly premiums can be very expensive.

How many long-term insurance insurance costs?

Monthly premiums can run less than $ 25 per month for someone up to $ 60 and good health at more than $ 500.The intermediate prizes for the long-term care policy represent approximately $ 2,700 per year, around $ 225 each month. We vary depending on your age, where you live, what functions you want, and how much you will need full coverage.

How much should you stay in the facilitating care?

In 2019, the average monthly cost in the United States for a common domain room of the elderly amounted to $ 7,513 per month. The middle of the elderly is worth resident for $ 90,155.USA per year for a common room and $ 102,200 for an excellent room.

Are there flexible options available?

Long-term insurance policies can often be adapted to meet the necessary needs of buyers, taking into account their budget, needs, age and location of care.

Why should someone think about getting long-term insurance care ?

If you want to protect your assets to leave the inheritance, if you want more control over you, or if you do not have a family to help you take care of you, if it becomes irreversible,Long Insurance period may be the best way to plan in advance.

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The best long-term insurance Why we choose it Remarkable function
GOLDENCARE The best selection of carriers Naphilized with any individual operator allows you to buy
Lincoln Financial The best for a short period of timeout Returns Primassi is not necessary
Transamerica is better to configure Coating available from 19 to 79 years