The muscles of psoas and their health.


Muscus psoas is a lower back muscle, located in the body, very close to the spine and inside the hip and the bones of the hip.This depth is combined with the fact that PSOA comes from the sides of the five lumbar vertebrae, it means that it plays an important role in the health of the back. PSOAS is the muscle of the thigh flexor, like this is a four-way muscle .

You use your PSOA when you go, run, raise the stairs, sit down, play sports or do the most that it requires flexion on your hip.

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psoas starts on the side of the lumbar vertebrae and, what makes a triangular shape,It is loaded into the tendon, which is inserted into a small blow inside the top of the thigh, called less hard science. On the way to Psoas’s smaller work, he meets another muscle called Iliacus.Ilyasus is a great flat muscle that is inside the front of his hip. Together, Iliacus and the psoas muscles (called iliopsoaus muscles) to bend the joint articulation.

How to flex the hip

The flexion of hip connections can occur from one in two ways. You can lift your leg, or you can double your trunk forward. We do not talk about raising my legs.This is a common movement that is greatly all you do. From the seats to launch a marathon for the manufacture of baby beds, the thigh bending is a very basic body effect.

Psoas and session exercises

Another common error on the operation of the psoas muscles refers to the sitting exercises.Many people, looking for the magnificent abdominal muscles , believe they are causing the swirls are wrong if they use the curves of FIP (psoa and quad) during the last stage of the movement when their barrel comes from The floor.They believe that the squat must work in the press, so if the ABS do not work, it is cheating.

but it is not.

What really happens during the squats, the abdominal muscles are cut to carry your head, neck, shoulders and chest screw spines.As soon as the abdominal cavity is shortened to the maximum, you can no longer do to take your barrel from the floor. The front words, ABS can bring you only part of the way.

In fact, the abdominal muscles do not even cross the hip compound.This means that they can not affect the flexion of the thigh. Therefore, as soon as ABS does so until now that the thigh bentos are eliminated to complete the work.

Musk Psoas also plays an important role in posture.In most positions, it helps maintain a small front of the pelvis, which, in turn, helps maintain its ordinary lumbar curve. When only a psoas muscle is a contract, or one in a row is more than another, The psoas action tilts its trunk in the direction.This is called lateral bending.

Consequences of dense or weak psoas

His psoas muscle becomes too dense or abbreviated, he can prone to arched back, especially when challenging the abdominal muscles.If your psoas are weak, it is likely to be more difficult to bend from the hip joint.It can adversely affect your ability to climb the stairs, go uphill, get up from the position in which you lie on your back (lie) or get up to sit.

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