The potatoes can be part of a friendly for diabetes, learning findings.


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  • Adults with type 2 diabetes, who ate mixed night foods with potatoes without skin, had a lower level of glucose in the blood overnight compared to food with low rice- Gi de blasmati.
  • , while the glycemic index can be a useful tool, it can not be used as Alllanden-AllGuide for those who are trying to control diabetes.
  • New studies suggest that potatoes can be an adequate part of a diet for people with diabetes.

    The results of the clinical trial financed by the Alliance for Research and Potato Formation were published last month in the magazine ClĂ­nica meals .The data show that adults with type 2 diabetes who have eaten a mixed afternoon food with skinless potatoes, had a lower night glucose fluid, compared to food with Basmati Low-Gi rice. .RDN, CDCE, CDN, registered nutritionist and the author well live with diabetes , reports to get information Meds.Bud-Riga did not participate in the study.’In particular, these conclusions contradict the study of observational research or dietary orientation, which focus extremely in the glycemic index (GI), which led some believers that is not adequate, is not adequate,Adequate option for people with type 2 diabetes All have a toenjojo connection All dishes within healthy nutrition and will not be concerned about the arbitrary GI rating.

    For the study of 24 adult men and women with diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, four experimental tests have been completed after the use of standardized dishes.The ruling contained boiled potatoes, fries, boiled potatoes, cooled for 24 hours, or low rice (lower glycemic food index that is used as a control) along with other products.Each meal meal contained 50% of carbohydrates, 30% fat and protein 20%. Cartofel did not use one.

    Compared with food, containing low glycemic low rice, boiled potatoes, fried or boiled, not related to adverse glucose responses after eating or control of night glycemic.

    chrissycarroll, mph, rd , the Blogger nutritionist for SNACK in sneakers , reports to obtain information about the information of Meds,That these data assume that the potatoes may be an acceptable part of the balanced foods by controlling blood glucose levels.Even without type 2 diabetes, recommendations to create a balanced plate combine proteins, vegetables and a moderate part of the starch, have always been an intelligent strategy.

    What does it mean for you

    If you have a type 2 diabetes, you can turn on the potatoes on your diet and still have a healthy lifestyle. Be sure to balance foods with protein, vegetables and other important nutrients.

    Health of potatoes?

    According to Brown-The Riggs, the potatoes had to be encouraged in any diet, since they are a valuable carbohydrate complex of nutrients and high quality,It provides:

    • 3 grams based on protein plants for a portion
    • 30% of the recommended vitamin free value
    • low -Driving nutrients, including potassium (15% of the daily value) and fibers (7% of the daily value) for 5.3 ounces serve with the skin

    potatoesoften to have a bad idea, but They actually provide a lot of food, says Carroll.’For anyone who with a permanent training, potatoesso offers an easy way to obtain healthy carbohydrates to tram these workouts.The body stores these carbohydrates in the muscles to provide energy for its next interval execution or a heavy lifting session, ensuring that it is ready to do everything possible.

    In fact, another recent study showed that with recreational men and women and women on a carepotato-based ateptato basis and for 20-several times in kilometers were compared with sporting dishes commercial.He rejected four decades ago, the glycemic index occupies products depending on his influence on blood sugar levels.The highest glycemic index, the faster the food is absorbed in the bloodstream and, therefore, increases the blood sugar values.

    Why we can not only rely on glycemic index points

    Some recommended evocation guidelines consume a low glycemic food index (bread integralbasmati,Bean and rice) instead of high glycemic products (such as potatoes and watermelon) to control glycemic control. However, the solution for the perfect control of blood glucose is much more complicated than simply avoiding potatoes and nutrition of all the grain of bread.

    The evaluation of the glycemia index is determined by how quickly the blood sugar eats, when they eat 50 grams of carbohydrate foods.The evaluation varies from 0 to 100 and 100, an account associated with food, which will be extremely increased rapidly at blood sugar levels.Products that are lower at scale, often higher in fiber, proteins and / or fat and digest slowly.

    However, although the glycemic index can be a useful tool, it can not be used as -Alandend-AllGuide for those who are trying to manage their diabetes.

    First, the rating of the food glycemia index only applies only when food meal is an empty stomach. Most people do not eat food like honey and honey and paste noodles, without accompanying them with another meal.You can not often find people who eat honey directly from a spoon, like food or pasta that eat the sauce. It depends on 50 grams of carbohydrates, which will be used from this food product (less fiber, if applicable), which is a lot.

    For the context, an average papa contains 37 grams of carbohydrates and a little less than 5 grams of fiber, so the indicator of the glycemic index is based on the effects that potatoes may have potatoes in the sugar in the blood,When:

    • the potatoes are eaten with the empty stomach, and are consumed more than different and
    • about half of the medium potatoes in a seat

    as much as the potatoes of love,Eat one and half of the simple potatoes in an empty stomach without pouring, side or protein is not common.

    The response Glucose affects a number of factors, including individual metabolism, food, as well as, as well as consumed, among other factors, says Brown-Riggs.The surroundings of the blood glucose rate are not approaching the driving of all these factors.

    How to enable the potatoes in the diet diabetes

    Like everything in life, moderation is the key when it comes to the use of potatoes.According to these data, enjoy the potatoes as part of a balanced food that contains other nutrients, such as protein, healthy fats and fibers, can be a safe and enjoyable way to enjoy them.

    Swady forms, including frozen, fresh and dehydrated and prepared by incitement, baking or other methods, are suitable within a healthy diet, add Brown-Riggs.

    Like the current study, if the part of the potato is served together with a source of protein and some vegetables, an increase in blood sugar should not be alarming.Eat the skin of the potatoes and choosing healthier bake preparation methods instead of the healthiest FRIGARE option.And replace the potatoes, which are usually higher in saturated fats, such as bacon and sour cream for more nutritious options, such as a simple yogurt and Greek broccoli for a couple, can help align their potatoes with their healthy lifestyle.

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