The Red Cross begins the initiative to diversify blood donations.


Key ‘. Racial and ethnic minorities.
  • In the frame of the month of awareness about the cells of national overvoltages, the Illinois medical districts in Chicago are in collaboration with the American Red Cross to encourage groups without response to sacrificing blood .
  • Donation centers take precautions to protect all Covid-19 donors.
  • In the framework of the National Cell Awareness month of Sidele , Illinois Medical District (IMD) in Chicago in Chicago cooperates with the American Red Cross to encourage people of the Racial and ethnic minorities holds to sacrifice blood.

    The objective of the association is to increase the blood supply to the organization, which is used to treat people with the help of cellist cells , as well as other conditions.

    What is a disease of the sulfur cell?

    disease of cell diseases is an inherited blood disorder.The genetic anomaly leads to the fact that the erythrocytes of red blood cells lead to solidification, a disease sickly instead of normal soft and round shape. The chainning globules block the flow of blood to tissues and organs.Falciform cell links cause severe pain, and in many cases threaten life. People of any ethnicity can have a sick cell disease, but it is most often found in people from Africa, Asian, Latin Americans and Mediterranean origin.

    Bolk Cell Disease – Invisible and The inequality of sustainable health in the US. UU, Executive Director IMD, Kate Shellingger , said in a press release .People who donate blood can facilitate the suffering of patients with sickle cells and contribute to their long-term health.

    According to the Red Cross, people with sickle cell disease can have up to 100 pieces of blood each year to treat the complications of the disease.

    However, frequent transfusions make it more difficult to find compatible blood products,Because patients with sickle cells develop an immune response to antigens (local markers) to the surface of red donor blood cells.

    The blood donations of the underrepresented groups can be salvation, but blood banks are the lack of diversity In donors and blood products.

    Black patients and other racial and ethnic minorities also usually have unique antigens in their erythrocytes, which are extraordinary in white patients. The lack of diversity diversity of donors presents serious problems.

    Blood donations can help in emergency situations

    Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs a blood product. The presence of blood supply of sustainable donors is crucial for the treatment of patients with cancer, surgery and patient injuries, and people who experience complications of childbirth.

    Pandemic Covid-19 placed stress added on the banks of the blood.The centers are experiencing a greater need for blood and a decrease in the imbalance of the desires that also aggravate the lack of blood. .

    What does it mean for you

    The American Red Cross wants to make it simple, affordable and safe to sacrifice the blood for all those who want and is able to do it .All Red Cross donation sites take precautions to protect donors and employees during the Covid-19 pandemic. To find the American Red Cross on the blood calendar and blood donation, visit REDCROSSBOOD.Org , download the donor chorit cuts application or call 1-800-Red-Cross.

    Type donors or are crucial

    Hospitals depend on the type of blood or to help patients in emergency situations.Since all other types of blood can obtain the type of blood or, people with this type are called universal donors.

    Black blood donors can play especially an important role.About 51% of blacks have blood type or, and around 45% of white people.

    In the presnaliberization , Celena ROLDN , CEO of the Illinois American Red Cross, said the Red Cross works with black public organizations to accommodate blood discs in convenient locations,What helps bring donations to the house ‘.

    hies of the community helps guarantee carefully appropriate blood products for patients with sickle cell disease.

    As an organization dedicated to the relief of suffering, the Red Cross is committed to health and, well, according to the rails of all communities.An establishment of various blood supply is crucial to improve health outcomes for all patients.

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