The unconscious state of first aid and treatment.


When a person does not know his environment and can not answer, it is described as unconscious. Sin conscience is a medical emergency, and is often a sign of a serious health problem, which can cause a deadly or permanent disability.

If you met with a person who is unconscious, to attract emergency medical attention and try to provide as much information about emergency situations.There are many reasons for shame, and the medical team will work on the identification of reason when treatment begins.

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What is unconscious?

Consciousness is a spectrum.Being completely asked, alert and oriented to your environment is the most common and normal state of consciousness.The changed levels of consciousness include <> normal sleep configurations , as well as the states of reduced consciousness due to a disease or drugs.

The unconscious consciousness includes:

  • general anesthesia , with a medical medical, induced condition of consciousness, which can be changed, when it came to wake up after operation
  • not react and perceive by odors, touch,the pain in the disease
  • coma , unconscious condition,that lasted for a long period of time
Signs or symptoms

During the period of the unconscious, a person is not excited, and will not respond or have any control over themselves same.

Unconscious consciousness can occur suddenly, or it can develop gradually, depending on the cause.A person can feel sick, dizziness, short breath, with chest pain or can feel slow or <> weak before being unconscious. Lethartgy is a state of walkers, but with Reduced surveillance and reduced capacity to respond.

After the recovery of unconscious consciousness, it is usually a clock, days or more to restore full awareness and the ability to respond.

Symptoms of unconscious consciousness include:

  • , it seems that isleep
  • inquisitive and does not react
  • does not move Consciously the body
  • can have involuntary physical movements, such as shaking, spasms,or seizures
  • can break
  • urine incontinence and stool
  • , sometimes unable to urinate or have an intestinal movement,Holding to maintain (what can be dangerous)
  • can breathe independently or break the breathing

Related symptoms, as a general rule, are associated with the cause.For example, an unconscious person due to sepsis or sepsis (severe infection and the consequences of the infection) may also have fever, changes in the skin and organ failure .


Consciousness is a brain function. The modified level of consciousness is a sign that the medical condition affected the role of the brain.Many different medical conditions can affect consciousness. / P>

, for example, the cardiac arrest leads to a sudden loss of consciousness, Because blood stops flowing towards the brain.In the arrest of the heart, the brain is not a heart problem. However, the loss of consciousness is an indicator of the problem.

Any sudden loss of consciousness is medical attention.Companions or witnesses must call 911 immediately.

The causes of the modified levels of consciousness can be summarized using Mnononic EM> AEIUOU>:

When a person is unconscious, the brain is functional. Cognition is not the same as and the death of the brain .The brain of death is a state in which the brain does not work, and this can occur when the same medical problems that make the unconscious lead to severe and constant brain damage.


If someone unconscious, can take steps to help, while waiting for professional medical care.

Things you can do include:

  • check if you breathe
  • try to feel your pulse
  • Admit CPR If you need it and you know how to do it
  • uses the heimlich maneuver if you need it,and you know how to do it
  • covers your hot blanket,If the temperature is too cold
  • Place the ice temperature package is too hot

What to avoid

  • does not publish anything in your mouth
  • not the drivers
  • do not move the neckor back, they can lead to permanent paralysis,If the spine is damaged

When contacting Medical care

If you are with someone who suddenly unconscious and is not set immediately, call 911. / P>

If it was restored from the episode of unconscious awareness, you should see your health care provider to determine , you need additional tests or treatment to find the cause and prevent repetition.



unconscious We treat the relationship.Direct treatment can lead to sensitization, and can also prevent death or long-term health effects. The treatment includes urgent help to manage the immediate problem, as well as long-term care.

Treatment may include:

Many of these procedures can be launched by the first respondents on the way to the emergency room.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What causes the unconscious?

Any disease or condition that firmly affect the function of the brain can cause an unconscious state.This may include injuries, heart disease, respiratory problems, infections, preparations and much more.

What is the unconscious?

Unconscious awareness is the lack of awareness and lack of response capacity.

How do you feel about unconscious age?

You must call emergency medical care and, at the same time, you can manage RCPR or another first help if you need, and if you know how to do it.

What are the stages of unconsciousness?

There are several definitions of consciousness stages. Total surveillance is a normal state of consciousness. Lethartgy: a violation of the state of consciousness.WESENT is a serious rape of consciousness. The death of the brain is a state in which the brain does not work.

Word get Information about Meds

Unconscious awareness is a sign of a serious medical problem that can cause death or disability.There are emergency protocols that use the first respondents in a collision of a person who is unconscious. Calling to help is your most important role as a partner or graft.

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