There is white chocolate with chocolate allergies.


If you are allergic to chocolate, you will probably still have white chocolate. However, it is likely that its reaction to white chocolate depends on the real reasons why you are allergic or sensitive to chocolate .

To understand the reasons for this, it helps to have little experience in the ingredients used in what we call ‘chocolate’ and how chocolate is produced.

What chocolate

Chocolate is made of cocoa beans, which are cultivated in tropical regions in West Africa, Central and South America, as well as in parts of Southeast Asia.Cocoa beans grow in large cocoa pods.

To convert these raw cocoa beans into chocolate, they were collected first, and their pods are eliminated. Then they are fried and processed in two main components: cocoa powder and cocoa oil.

Cocoa butter is almost pure fat, and you can not even brown, like cocoa beans (which are dark brown), cocoa dust or dark chocolate. Instead, it is a pale yellow color or completely white.

cocoa powder, meanwhile, contains protein, phenolic connections, caffeine , sugar, minerals and flavoring connections. It’s a dark brown, like a cocoa grain from which it is done.The cocoa dust knows, as what we think about how ‘chocolate’, while cocoa butter has a taste and a very soft and slightly chocolate smell.

If it is really allergic to the component of pure chocolate, its allergic, it is most likely suggesting the cocoa powder component, and not fat in cocoa butter.Chocolate, which we eat, mainly cocoa powder or what is called cocoa liquor (a mixture of cocoa dust and cocoa oil).

To make chocolate bars and other chocolate products, manufacturers are added sugar and cocoa oil, as well as other ingredients, such as milk (for milk chocolate) and nuts.It is also possible to be allergic to one or more ingredients used for the manufacture of chocolate products, especially milk and nuts .

White chocolate can be the best alternative

Despite your name, white chocolate does not contain any real chocolate.The true Gourmet white chocolate is made of cocoa oil, with sugar, vanilla extract, and, as a rule, some dairy powers discarded (most manufacturers use milk powder,and not conventional milk liquids, to make chocolate, since milk powder works better).Consequently, if your allergy or sensitivity includes some type of protein or other connection found in cocoa dust, but not in a coonde oil, you should be able to handle a clean white.

However, the most commercially done white chocolate is not quite clean, and can cause a problem for people with other allergies or sensitivity.

first., Any white chocolate that buys almost certainly was released on the line, shared the ordinary chocolate.Therefore, if your allergy or chocolate sensitivity is difficult, but it still really longs for white chocolate, you may have to resort to your own white chocolate.

Next, white chocolate generally includes sugar (or another sweetener) and generally involves the ingredients of milk . Commercially produced white chocolate often contains soy lecithin. If you have allergies or sensitivity to any of these ingredients, you may have to organize clearly.

Many sweets obtained commercially are performed on common lines with other important allergens.Those with peanut allergies, tree allergies, wheat allergies, corn allergies, corn allergies, or celiacs it is necessary to verify the presence of cross-contamination in production Before using high-risk products,Like chocolate.

Word of the information received from Meds

What do you have to do if you Exclude allergic or dairy sensitivity, soybeans, nuts and other possible ingredients in chocolate,So you are sure that your only problem is: it’s chocolate?

If you want to think about trying white chocolate to see if you can make it work on your diet, your next step is to give your cameraman or allergic call.You can advise you on any precaution, you may need to take the nature of your previous reactions (either allergic, intolerance or sensitivity) or organize for testing at the office .

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