Thomas Hodgkin and Lymphoma Hodgkin


Who was the face behind the name Hodgkin Lymphoma ? Thomas Hodgkin (1798-1866) was a British pathologist who first described this disease at the beginning of the 1800s. .He made hundreds of autopsies and cataloged thousands of samples. It also brought the first stethoscope to the Guy Hospital after it was instructed in how it was used by Ren Laennec in Paris.

Description and name Hodkin Lymphoma

In your work at the Pathology Museum, you studied the preserved samples of human bodies affected by several diseases.In 1832, he published a newspaper described by the diagram of the disease in the lymph nodes and the spleen, who thought it was a special disease, not an infection. This article called ‘In some painful manifestations of absorption of glands and a spleen, it was published in the magazine society medical and surgical in London .

At the time of publication, this document was almost unnoticed.For more than three decades later, in 1865, another British doctor, Samuel Wilks, described the same disease. , Looking through previous documents, he realized that Hodgkin really discovered the disease.He called the disease after Hodgkin. Since then, this cancer of lymph nodes carries this name. / P>

For more than a century, Hodkin’s disease or Hodgkin lymphoma was called.In recent years, the attraction was restored and how Hodgkin lymphoma and non-Hodgkin lymphoma called Lymphoma. You will still see both forms used today, but all this refers to the Same illness.

Life and work by Thomas Hodgkin

Thomas Hodgkin has much more to your loan than simply describe Hodgkin’s lymphoma.He also described acute appendicitis and aortic insufficiency, heart disease. He wrote several seed books, including one on the spread of cancer to lungs and the abdomen.

He collaborated with Joseph J.Leader (parent of antiseptic surgery) and uses his best microscope lens to detect that in the format of erythrocytes they had the format of Bikonkaby, and that the skeletal muscle fibers have stripes.Its document is considered the basis of modern histology, studying microscopic cell anatomy. Interestingly, he did not inspect the lymph nodes he described in the lymphoma under the microscope, although the case analysis of almost 100 years later confirmed that they were Hodgkinsky lymphoma. and> Hodgkin lymphoma .

Hodgkin was from the family of pious trocites and an early age, who wrote about social injustice and racial inequality. He was a great supporter of the social charity of Medcanda.Hodgkin was confused at a boy’s medical university to promote public health through clean air, swimming and wastewater. He played a preventive lifestyle, including regular exercises and avoided overeating, drinking alcohol and smoking.

traveled to the world with his friend and the patron saint of Mois├ęs Monifiore, lectures on sanitary measures and helping Jews and other oppressed peoples. Ironically, he died of a disease, similar to dysentery during a visit to Palestine in 1866. It is buried in Jaffa.

Thomas Hodgkin’s disease Today

Today, the progress was science and medicine from the head, from the time of Thomas Hodgkin, no doubt, will affect it.And yet, there is, of course, still in the improvement room.

This is not true. And it was 1,070 deaths of this cancer.

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