Thyroid storm: symptoms, causes, diagnosis, treatment

The serious disease

is an autoimmune disease that generally causes hyperthyroidism , in which the thyroid gland causes too much thyroid hormone and becomes extreme.In 1 percent to 2 percent of cases, the thyroid gland produces an extreme number of key hormones involved in the functionality of the thyroid gland (T3) and thyroxine (T4).This can lead to the fact that its heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature will turn to the maximum, which is known as the storm completely. It is dangerous and potentially dangerous for life.

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Reasons and risk factors

The main risk factor for the stormThyroid has unrecessed and / or hyperothyroidness.

Even when the disease of the tomb is identified and processed, there is a number of other factors that increase your risk of Thyroid storms: / P>

  • Infection, specifically light infections,thorny infections, or pneumonia
  • changes in blood sugar,Including diabetic ketoacidosis and insulin-induced hypoglycemia
  • last operation in your thyroid or injury in your thyroid
  • thyroid / li>
  • excess palpation (processing / handling) Castovoideiron
  • Impact of a greatAmount of iodine (for example, Yoodine based on a contrast agent or heart.Li>


Symptoms of the Thyroid tend to be extremely ends and includes:

  • Very high temperature from 100 to 106 degrees
  • very high cardiac speed,What can be as much as possible in one minute (BPM)
  • Palpitations, chest pain and difficulty breathing
  • High blood pressure
  • confusion , silly stuff,and even psychosis
  • extreme and muscular muscle weakness
  • extreme fatigue exhalation
  • extreme anxiety, nervousness and mood swings
  • exaggerated reflections ,Especially in the areas of the knee and ankle
  • difficult breathing
  • nausea, vomiting,and diarrhea
  • Abundant sweating or dehydration
  • Stuff or comma
  • Last loss of dramatic weight

Complications of the holder of The thyroid gland includes stroke and a heart attack,that can lead to death.

When you go to ER

when the thyroid storm Suspected, you must go to an emergency department immediately . The thyroid gland requires immediate treatment, since it is threatened with life and condenses and worse rapidly.


Health providers have developed a rating system ,What helps them quickly appreciate the symptoms and make a alleged diagnosis of a thyroid storm, therefore, treatment can quickly begin.The system includes the measurement of temperature, heart rate, gastrointestinal symptoms, neurological symptoms and observing if the patient has a previous storm in the form of a background.

Sometimes, blood tests are performed to look for high levels of thyroid hormones; A TSH test can also be done (thyroid stimulating hormone).Since the thyroid storm is a medical emergency, however, it is rarely time to expect test results, and the treatment begins immediately.


When the treatment of the thyroid gland. Health providers often use ‘Five BS’: / P>

  • Hormone Blocks Synthesis of the thyroid using antihiidroidia gland products : usually becomes immediately done with large dosesInitial frequent Ydosis. In patients who can not support anti-ramp drugs, they sometimes use lithium .
  • Lock the release of thyroid hormone using the preparation of potassium iodide: this is generally administered after preparation against cutting and helps suppress the relocation of thyroid hormone .
  • Blocks the T4 T3 conversion using a corticosteroid preparation, such as hydrocortisone
  • using Blocker Blocker ,As propranolol to reduce blood pressure and heart rate
  • reduces reabsorption of thyroid hormones with bile acid kidnappers,Like clincatamine

includes cooling to help reduce body temperature, fluid to combat dehydration and treat any other infection.

As a general rule, if the treatment is going to work, the improvement will be considered within 24-72 hours.

The mortality rate in people whose thyroid storms are raw, is up to 75 percent.In the treatment of mortality, up to 20 percent at 30 percent is elaborated.

When the thyroid storm does not respond to these approaches, plasmapheresis , the treatment of blood filtering, is sometimes maintained to remove thyroid hormone of blood flow.Only a small percentage of hormones can be removed during each session, so it must be done several times.

In rare cases, the thyroid gland is eliminated surgically, but health providers must be especially careful,Since the operation can accelerate the deterioration of the thyroid gland by the storm if the hormonal levels are already tall.

Word Gets Meds information

TIME As a thyroid storm is fast, threatens life.Always keep up with the annual physical exams; Your palpate health provider your thyroid gland will verify if it expands ( hyperthyroidism ) and tests the thyroid hormone levels in your blood as part of a routine verification.If you have been diagnosed with severe or hyperthyroidism, always take the medication and regularly review your thyroid levels according to the instructions of your medical care.

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