Top 5 cans for people with arthritis in 2021


Electric can openers are much easier to use if you have limited strength or limited range of motion in your hands. And while this device is slightly more expensive than any other on our list, it also offers a product with the fewest compromises or complaints.

First of all, this device is very well designed: bring the can close to the sheet and press down on the top lever, which is huge and has minimal resistance, making it easy to press regardless of mobility and strength. The device will then hold the can up while cutting its full length, allowing you to focus on pushing the lever down. Once done, just release the lever.

Not only do you have an open jar, but also a jar with no sharp edges. The blade cuts along the edge between the lid and the can, creating a smooth edge that you can touch if you like (we don't suggest trying this just yet).

We also love that this device opens both standard-size cans and bottle caps, as well as non-circular cans, which most others can't.

The sleek black and chrome design looks clean, understated, and fits into any kitchen. The device itself is wider at the bottom so it won't tip over. And it even has a retractable cord so it won't get in the way if you leave it on the counter all the time.

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