Top 5 Stairlift Companies of 2021


Frequent questions

What are stairlifts?

Stairlifts are rail-mounted chairs that allow people to go up and down stairs. They are commonly used by people with disabilities, both mild and severe, who require assistance going up or down stairs. Stair lifts make this safer and reduce the risk of falling down the stairs. The three main styles are straight stairlifts, individual curved stairlifts that can bend at corners and go up multiple floors, and outdoor stairlifts.

Is it a suitable stairlift for me?

Stair lifts are often installed because a person finds it difficult to go up or down stairs, but wants to stay at home and maintain their independence. Since stairlifts can even be installed outdoors, they can really help someone access most, if not all of their property, such as a front or back porch, patio, driveway, or garage.

How do the stairlifts work?

Stairlifts are essentially wall or stair railings with an attached chair. They run on electricity and a battery to move the chair up and down the stairs. The user can ride in the chair, and on most models, they can call the chair using a button if they are on a different floor.

How much do the stairlifts cost?

Refurbished straight stairlifts can be found for around $ 2,000. Prices for new direct stair lifts range from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000. Curved stairlifts, as they must fit the interior design of your home, cost between $ 6,000 and $ 15,000.

Are the stairlifts covered by insurance?

Stairlifts are not covered by private insurance or Medicare, but many companies offer financing options to meet your needs. However, insurance plans are evolving, so it might be worth calling your representative to see if they offer any benefits for your purchase.

How we choose the best stairlifts

We consulted with consumer-focused organizations such as Consumer Services , experienced home modification consulting organizations such as Affordable Home Consultants , and background information from the Choosing Independence Coordination Center report to understand in detail. many options and bring you the best of the best. We've sorted our picks by interior and exterior options, as well as budget options.

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