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If you don’t have health insurance or your insurance doesn’t cover your medications, a prescription discount card can save you money by giving you access to discounts and savings at U.S. pharmacies. Some give you access to a wider network of participating pharmacies, while others offer the added convenience of a mobile app (to find the best prices on your prescriptions) or free home delivery. All of the discount programs here are noteworthy, but GoodRx rises above the rest. Not only is it the most common prescription discount program (operates at more than 70,000 pharmacies), it also offers the best prices and the most significant savings on prescription drugs. For a fee, their Premium membership program also offers additional savings and convenience.

Compare the best discount cards per Recipe

Prescription Discount Cards Saving Accepted In home delivery
National Drug Card
Better overall
Up to 85 % 70,000 + pharmacies Varies
Additional Benefits
Best for a local pharmacy
Up to 80% 64,000 + pharmacies There is no
Unique care
The best for future savings
Up to 80% 35,000 + pharmacies Yes, with GeniusRx
Scenarios are well saved
Better on the move
on average 60% 65,000 + pharmacies There is no
Twink Health
Best for home delivery
Up to 80% 35,000 + pharmacies Yes
Best for chronic diseases
Discount up to 85% more than 60,000 pharmacies Yes, with GeniusRx

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How Do Prescription Discount Cards Work?

Prescription discount cards are a smart option. They act like coupons and allow you to bypass insurance completely. This means that there will be no deductions. You will pay the retail price of the drug minus the discount. In some cases, you can even get generic drugs for free.

Prescription discount cards are distributed by companies that also operate as pharmacy benefit managers (PBMS). These PBMs are intermediaries between the drug manufacturers, your health plan (if you have one), your pharmacy, and you.

Because they have significant purchasing power, PBMs can negotiate prices with drug manufacturers. They transfer these savings to health plans, helping them create discounted drug forms, and to pharmacies, contracting with them to supply those drugs.

If you have insurance, you will benefit from using the medications listed in your health plan information. If you don’t have insurance, a PBM can save you money directly with coupons and discounts when you use pharmacies in your network. One way they do this is by offering discount cards for prescription drugs.

There are a number of prescription discount cards available for you to choose from. It may take a while to determine Which ones are best suited to your needs, but we’ve put together the best discount cards available here. The information is provided from the corresponding website of each program.

When to use a prescription discount card

Using a prescription discount card makes sense for people who don’t have insurance, but it can also help members. A discount card cannot be used with your insurance, but it may cost less than a co-payment or co-insurance for medications. This can help talk to your pharmacist to discuss your options.

As with anything that sounds too good to be true, there are warnings. Any medication not purchased with your health plan will not count toward your annual deductible and, most likely, toward your out-of-pocket limit.

This can affect Medicare beneficiaries in particular. Flat Medicare part D have a gap in the coating known as a donut hole. After spending a certain amount each year on your medications, your insurance payments decrease.

You can save money on your medications during this time by using a prescription discount card instead of your Part D benefit, but keep in mind that Medicare may not allow you to benefit from some discounts by federal bribery laws. You will need to check with the specific program you are using to see if you are eligible to do so.

How We Choose The Best Prescription Discount Cards

A search on the Internet will result in a long list of drug reimbursement programs. When choosing one for yourself, you’ll want to focus on finding the right one for the specific medications you need.

You may even consider signing up for different cards for different medications to get the maximum overall savings. What we’ve done is focus on prescription discount cards that offer the most comprehensive services. When classifying the maps included in this review, the following factors were evaluated.

  • Confidence: You want to work with a company that has a solid reputation. This ensures quality customer service and safe operating methods. One way to do this is to verify your position in Better Business Bureau. The legality of online pharmaceutical programs can be guaranteed through verification National Association of pharmaceutical councils. Trust is a priority in our ranking strategy.
  • Drugstore: Programs that include more discounted drugs have a higher price than those that offer less.
  • Pharmacy: Not all pharmacies will accept all discount cards. Your pharmacy must be in the card network. Programs that offered more pharmacy options were priced higher.
  • Saving: Each program will save 70% or more of retail prices, but may only be for a limited number of medications. This may not reflect what you, as an individual, can expect to save. Programs that are more transparent and provide more specific financial expectations are priced more favorably on this list. For example, a company that scores an average annual savings percentage gets a higher priority.
  • Additional benefits: Programs that offer additional services are also considered for a higher ranking. This may include tools for health care beneficiaries, opportunities to increase savings, and online medical services. Giving you the tools to save and stay healthy is our priority. 

A few words from Get Meds Info

Prescription discount cards can be useful for both uninsured and insured people. Find one that’s right for you, but make sure you use a reputable Service that really saves you money. No one has to pay more than necessary.

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