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Bursitis, which involves swelling of the first joint of the big toe , can cause severe pain in anyone, especially when trying to do physical activity or wearing special shoes. This joint is usually genetically formed. But other factors can also make things worse. "Tight-fitting shoes, especially those with narrow toes, can contribute to bursitis and worsen bursitis symptoms," says Suzanne Levin , an orthopedic physician at Millenium Podiatry in New York, for Get Meds Info .

To prevent bursitis from getting worse, Dr. Levine recommends wearing "proper shoes with wider toes." These shoes can stop symptoms from getting worse, but they won't completely cure bursitis that has already formed. Joint supports that spread the toes, provide cushioning for the joint, and provide arch support may help relieve pain, but will not completely solve the problem.

When it comes to leg pain, it is recommended that you consult with a podiatrist about available options. For example, surgery is one way to treat an existing bunion. But other foods can also help ease pain or keep bursitis from getting worse.

These are the best bursitis support products on the market today.

Our top picks

It works to relieve pain and ensure proper toe alignment.

It can improve the alignment of the toes and prevent the recurrence of bursitis.

You can help by aligning the toes, preventing friction, and relieving pressure.

Protects bursitis from rubbing against shoes.

This kit provides an inexpensive way to test different types of pillows.

This helps minimize friction and reduce the discomfort of overlapping toes.

They provide good arch support and full length comfort.


  • Reusable

  • Comfortable

  • Easy to clean

This NatraCure 2-in-1 product helps with pain relief and proper toe alignment, making it a popular and effective choice for bursitis relief and support. The elastic gel shell provides cushioning, cushioning and protection against friction from the outside, while the toe separator prevents the fingers from overlapping. You can pamper your feet as the gel slowly releases medical grade mineral oil, vitamin E, and aloe vera. This comfortable, reusable bursitis guard fits easily over any shoe and can be worn all day.

Type: Thumb Guard / Sock Extender | Arch Support Level: No


  • Reusable

  • Lasting

  • Comfortable


  • Lasted

  • You have to shape the leg

People with flat feet are sometimes more prone to bursitis , so using a support insert like this one from Spenco can improve toe alignment and prevent toes from reappearing. They also provide an extra level of comfort and stability so the shoe doesn't aggravate your bursitis. The friction-reducing fabric has antimicrobial properties to keep feet cool, bubble-free and smelling fresh.

Type: Template | Arch Support Level: High

What the experts say

'Bursitis is primarily a family problem. If your mother (and probably less likely) or your father had bursitis, you are more likely to develop bone disease. " – Dr. Suzanne Levin , podiatrist at Millenium Podiatry in New York


  • Washable

  • Reusable

  • Lasting

Made of soft cushioning gel, ZenToes Gel Toe Separators can help prevent bursitis and relieve pain by straightening your toes, preventing friction, and relieving pressure. The anatomically shaped divider fits comfortably between the first two toes, straightening the big toe and preventing overlap. Simply slide the ring over the other toe and place the gel pad on the big toe. The flexible ring fits snugly around your toes, so you can comfortably wear shoes, walk, or stand without pain. Made from latex-free medical gel, the rings are washable, reusable, and non-allergenic.

Type: Toe Dispenser | Arch Support Level: No


  • Quick relief

  • Universal kit

  • Flexible


  • Lack of strength

  • Size does not fit all

These sleeves, like toe guards, fit over the joint of the big toe, protecting it from rubbing against the side of the shoe. Made with a gel pad, it softens the ball of the foot (ball of the foot) to help absorb shock and redistribute pressure when walking or running. You can also use the washer to hold the included finger spacers in place.

Type: Big Toe Sleeve | Arch Support Level: Medium


  • Ideal for active people

  • Variety of options

  • Comfortable

Bring out the best in yourself with Dr. Frederick's Original Bunion Corrector Set. It comes with a set of 14 pads designed to relieve bursitis pain so you can walk, run and walk without pain. Made of ultra-soft and flexible gel, the spacers provide light pressure and spread the first two fingers apart, helping to gently align the thumb. You can choose from five different types of included spacers, all designed for different functions. Some must be worn with shoes, while others are designed for different levels of activity and can be worn with or without shoes. Ideal for active people, this kit is a cost-effective way to try different types of pillows if you are unsure which one will work for you.

Type: Sock Expanders | Arch Support Level: No


  • Great for sleeping

  • Keeps the toes apart

  • Comfortable

If you prefer not to wear pads or pads, especially at night, SockWell Bunion Relief Socks are a great alternative. With their unique bifurcated toe design, they can help soothe bursitis by relieving pressure on the shoe, improving circulation, and gently promoting natural alignment. The socks separate the first and second toes into a padded toe pocket to help minimize friction and reduce discomfort from overlapping toes. Plus, an arched toe box provides exceptional comfort, while a seamless closure at the toe helps protect against blisters. Made from a durable blend of merino wool, bamboo rayon, nylon, and elastane, these socks offer natural moisture and odor control to keep feet cool and fresh.

Type: Socks | Arch Support Level: No


  • Arch support

  • Relieves

  • Shapes for legs


  • I have to break in

  • Solid material

Lack of support or instability in the arch of the foot can lead to bursitis, so you may need additional brace to correct your gait and relieve stress on the toe joint. While some people require custom-made braces, others may use over-the-counter options, like these PowerStep insoles. With low-profile, double-layer padding, they are suitable for business, casual and business shoes, providing good arch support and full-length comfort.

Type: Template | Arch Support Level: High

What the experts say

If you have or develop a bunion, see a podiatrist. Wearing shoes with wider toes can help prevent bursitis from getting worse, but not reverse it. " – Dr. Suzanne Levin, podiatrist at Millenium Podiatry in New York.

Final verdict

If you suffer from mild toe pain, an over-the-counter option like Natracure Gel Big Toe Bunion Guards (see on Amazon ) offers support and stability by helping to reposition your toes over time. If you have flat feet (which is the leading cause of bursitis), Spenco Polysorb insoles (see on Amazon ) will support your entire foot while protecting your big toe. They fit most shoes, so you can still wear your favorite sneakers for added pain relief.

What to Look for in Bunion Support Products

Toe separators

Bursitis pushes the thumb toward the second toe, so foods that help separate them can help align the thumb. Look for toe separators made of gel or other soft, flexible materials to avoid discomfort during use.

Big toe protection

An injury to the foot can worsen the health of the bone marrow and contribute to its formation. Cushioned insoles and socks around the toe can help protect the foot from any accidental injury that can make big toe pain worse.

Arch support

Flat feet are a common cause of bursitis, so arch support products can help reduce the recurrence of bursitis. Insoles, socks, and arch support shoes are an easy way to take care of your feet while you go about your daily activities.

Frequently asked questions

  • Podiatrists recommend podiatrists after surgery. "I advise most of my junectomy patients to wear custom braces after wearing their usual shoes and trainers," says Dr. Levine, adding, "This is especially true if the patient sinks too low while walking." Over-the-counter splints are another recommended option for patients after surgery to assist them after dressing removal. In consultation with a podiatrist, you can choose the type of bursitis support that works best for your feet.

  • Dr. Levin says that bursitis braces that are used specifically after surgery should only be worn for a few weeks before stopping. But if you wear bursitis braces before surgery or because you are not planning an operation, the timing is different. These products can be used whenever necessary to prevent the development of more serious symptoms or to relieve pain. Bunion supports, depending on the user, can further aggravate symptoms rather than help the joint. If the product causes abrasions, increased pain, or sores, stop using the bursitis support and consult your podiatrist about other available options.

What the experts say

"Surgery is not the main treatment for bursitis, but it is necessary to correct a bursitis with a significant deformity and persistent pain that cannot be controlled with non-surgical treatment." – Dr. Suzanne Levin, podiatrist at Millenium Podiatry in New York

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