Top 7 carpal tunnel devices of 2021


Material: Many wrist straps are made of neoprene material, but any soft and breathable fabric will do. Dr. Montero López points out that you should not worry too much about the material, but it is better to try some options and see which one you like the most. “These braces can be made of many materials, and whichever material you find most comfortable, it will be the best for you,” she says. “A rigid support that keeps the wrist extended is a great option for treating carpal tunnel.”

Landing: Brands that offer various suitable sizes or adjustable straps can help you find the most comfortable fit for you. You should also pay attention to which side of the hand the clamp is made. Many brands will sell braces specifically for men and women, as well as for the left and right hands. If you are looking for a night bandage, the same guidelines apply.

Design: Dr. Montero Lopez says you should first look for a brace that covers the arm through the forearm, but if you look at the carpal tunnel braces, you’ll see there are braces, gloves, and even bracelets for sale. 

Again, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Dr. Montero Lopez says that if you have mild pain in your wrist, you can try a cheaper option, such as a basic bandage for your hand and forearm. If you need carpal tunnel support at work or in a public place, you can wear something more stylish, like an ergonomic carpal tunnel pain bracelet that allows you to perform handless movements (with braces, part of your hand will be blocked).

“The goal of fixation is to maintain wrist alignment to reduce pressure in the carpal tunnel,” says Dr. Montero Lopez. However, he points out that ” a bracelet [type of brace] is not something I’ve seen prescribed by the medical community for carpal tunnel syndrome.” 

Potential hazards: While wearing a wrist bracelet at night is a great place to start, you need to pay attention to how your body feels and how it adapts over time to wearing the bracelet. “If this [nocturnal] fixation does not provide relief during the first 10 to 14 days of sequential use, I would recommend seeking further evaluation by a surgeon, as there may be other causes of symptoms that are unrelated to carpal tunnel syndrome and cannot be relieved by fixation,” says Dr. Montero Lopez. 

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