Top 7 over-the-counter treatments for hemorrhoids in 2021


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Hemorrhoids. a painful condition associated with inflamed veins in the rectum and anus occurs when the veins in the rectum swell due to too much pressure, for example, if you sit for a long time, you become tense during defecation or pregnant. Hemorrhoids will go away. once the pressure is removed. But they can be painful and itchy, so the truth is that you’re dealing with over-the-counter remedies are symptoms, says the colon and rectum surgeon Tracy Childs, DM, chief of the Department of Surgery at Providence San Juan health center in Santa Monica, California. “But there’s not a single treatment or a miracle composition that takes care of the problem,” she says.

Important note: There are many other conditions whose symptoms are similar to hemorrhoids. If the pain, swelling, bleeding, or constant need to strain doesn’t go away after a few days, consult your doctor, Dr. Childs adds.

Here are the best over-the-counter treatments for hemorrhoids on the marketplace.

Final Verdict

When it comes to relieving hemorrhoids, the only must-have product is Dr. Butler’s hemorrhoid and crack ointment .view on Amazon). It will treat most of your symptoms and can be used anywhere, anytime of the day. If you need a serious painkiller and have time and a bath, then the bath thena Sitz (view of the Amazon) is almost guaranteed pain relief. If you experience hemorrhoids regularly, take the Hem-Control herbal remedy for hemorrhoids (view on Amazon) to help soften stool, and see your doctor to see what else you can do.

What to look for when treating over-the-counter hemorrhoids


What to look for in the treatment of hemorrhoids depends on the product. Ointments and creams can help relieve pain and itching. particular, it is quite soothing, as is Aloe Vera, coconut oil or even vitamin e, Dr. Childs adds. A local anesthetic such as lidocaine may also be helpful. Hydrocortisone. a corticosteroid can help with itching and irritation if that is your main problem.


When you have hemorrhoids, it can be very painful to try to defecate; natural stool softeners with ingredients like plantain (which is just fiber) works well, he adds. If you’re not trying to add more pills to your daily regimen, choose a cooling pad or seat cushion that can naturally relieve pain. Soaking bath salts are another great way to relieve itching without medication.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, over-the-counter treatments for hemorrhoids are effective. Dr. Henry Govekar. a colon and rectal surgeon on the Medical team at Rush University in Chicago, suggests seeing a doctor first to make sure you actually have hemorrhoids rather than something potentially more serious. He then suggests taking a warm sitting bath for about 10 minutes a day to reduce swelling. It also recommends that patients switch to a fiber diet with vitamins or food changes to keep loose stools passing easily. He says over-the-counter creams and ointments are a good option, but don’t use them for more than a week unless there is an improvement. 

    He advises avoiding steroid creams because they can irritate the skin. He says some ointments on the market include zinc oxide, which helps protect the skin and helps with discomfort. 

  • It depends on the type of hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoids are treated with sit-down baths, diet modifications and over-the-counter products. Dr. Govekar usually waits four to six weeks, and many patients see symptoms go away in about a month. External hemorrhoids may decrease in Size from several weeks to a month.

What the experts say

“Most people go to doctors after they see blood in the toilet. Don’t try to treat him. If this bleeding continues, you should consult your doctor to make sure it is not more serious.  When I hear about a patient with rectal bleeding, I wonder what it could be. Especially as we see more and more young people diagnosed with colon and rectal cancer.” — Henry Govekar, MD, Colon and rectal surgeon at Rush University Medical Group

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