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Final Verdict

Condoms LifeStyles skyn Selection (view on Amazon) aims to increase comfort and pleasure through a varied package of three options for different sensations, all oiled for ease of use. If you want to stay safe but avoid latex, Avanti Bare Real Feel condoms from Durex (view at Walmart) offer a cheaper option made from non-allergic alternative material.

What to look for in condoms


Condoms come in a variety of user-friendly materials, but the most common you’ll likely find on store shelves is made of latex. This material proved to be very suitable for condoms because it is able to stretch to fit around the penis and at the same time proved to be tough enough not to break during intercourse. But not everyone is able to use latex condoms because they are allergic to the material. “They can also be made of other materials such as polyurethane, polystyrene and lambskin,” he says Dr. Kecia gaiter, twice certified in obstetrics and gynecology and maternal-fetal medicine, director of perinatal services at NYC + / Lincoln hospitals. 

However, if you use sheepskin-based condoms, it is important to note that this material will not protect against STDs. like other condoms. But the material actually works like a contraceptive. 

Correct Size

If the condom is too tight or too loose, it cannot serve as intended as birth control. Experts recommend that men try condoms when their penis is completely erect to better determine, what size suits you. “The average penis size is 5 to 7 inches long, with a circumference of 3.5 to 6 inches in circumference,” says Dr. gaiter. “Most condoms are 7 inches long and have a reservoir at the tip to collect sperm.” 

There are some key signs to be aware of that may indicate that the condom is too small or too large on the penis. One of the signs says Dr. Tamika Cross. a board-certified OB / GYN in Texas is that the condom is too easy to use, looks loose or”feels like it moves during sex.” This indicates that the condom is too large and the user you must choose a smaller Size. “If you’re struggling to put it on or put it on and you feel like it’s blocking your blood supply, then it’s probably too tight,” Dr. Cross adds. “A condom doesn’t have to be uncomfortable.” 


Several condoms on the market come with a lubricant included in contraception. This additional feature can make sex more pleasurable. “I would probably say lubricated ones would be better because you can never have too much lube, but you can have too little,” says Dr. Cross. “An insufficient amount of lubrication can cause severe friction, tear and tear of the condom, discomfort or abrasions in the vagina.” But that doesn’t necessarily mean everyone will need to use lubricated condoms or separate lube to enjoy sex. “If women feel that they are sufficiently lubricated naturally, they may not need a lubricated condom,” Dr. Cross adds. 

It is important to pay attention to the ingredients in lubricants if you decide to use those that are separate from what can be provided from condoms. Oil-based lubricants cannot be used with latex condoms because they break down the material, making it less effective. When using latex condoms, a water-or silicone-based lubricant should be used.

Added Features

In addition to using condoms to prevent pregnancy and STDs, they can also be used to increase pleasure and excitement in the bedroom. There are a large number of condoms on the market that offer additional features such as extra lubrication, ribbed design or a warming and cooling sensation. These features will not only bring variety to your sex life, but can also increase pleasure for you and your partner. “I advise my patients to try different brands and styles, but don’t forget the basics to avoid mistakes,” he says Dr. Jamin Brambhatt, urologist of the Orlando Health urology medical group and president of the Florida Urology Society. “I also let them know that comfort and experience should be priorities, but not number one, it should always be yours and your safety,” he adds. 

Not sure what additional features you could use in your sex life? A variety of packages can be a simple and economical solution, as they give you the opportunity to try different condoms without having to purchase multiple packages.

Frequently asked questions

  • Yes, condoms are expiring, so it’s important to pay attention to the expiration date to make sure the product is working properly. “Overtime may break and not be as effective or may be more likely to break,” says Dr. Cross. “It’s important to pay attention to expiration dates because this will affect the efficiency and probability of an attack, which will nullify the entire purpose of using it.”

  • Condoms should fit perfectly to the penis and be able to stay throughout intercourse without moving or falling. “To ensure a proper fit, it is helpful to try different sizes while the penis is in an erection state,” says Dr. gaiter. “Basically, a circumference of less than 4.7 inches needs a tight fit, a circumference of 4.7 inches to 5.1 inches needs a regular fit, and a circumference of more than 5.1 inches requires a large fit.” Trying condoms before having sex can help make sure the right Size is used during the act itself. “Slippage and breakage are common findings in an improper landing,” adds Dr. gaiter.

  • Yes, condoms are about “98 percent effective against STDs,” says Dr. Brambhatt. “They can be great for preventing infections like HIV, gonorrhea and chlamydia.” But the expert warned that there are still STDs that can be transmitted from skin – to-skin contact between couples, despite the use of condoms. This includes ” herpes, genital warts and syphilis,” says Dr. Brambhatt. Improper and inconsistent use of condoms can lead to an STD infection, so it’s important to put on a condom at the beginning of skin-to-skin contact to protect everyone.

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