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Most medical supply companies offer wholesale prices, but not all reimburse insurance. If you really want your insurance or Medicare to pay for your medical supplies, you may need to create an account with the company and follow some (guided) steps before ordering. For conscientious consumers, most companies will offer price match guarantees, discount codes, and automatic subscription discounts.

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Site Why do we choose it? Key service areas Do you accept insurance?
Medical vitality Better overall Bariatrics, wound care, hospital beds, urinary incontinence, vehicles, patient care, respiratory therapy and more No
Save Rite Medical The best for a reduced price Breast pump, durable medical equipment, diabetes supplies, enteral feeding pumps, gloves, urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, insulin therapy, orthopedics, ostomy supplies and more No
Discount on medical supplies Better without insurance Wound care, respiratory, urology, daily remedies and more No
Betty Mills Company Best for disposable medical supplies Beds, mattresses, towels, feeding, ostomy, urology, respiratory and diabetes No
Home care provided Best for Insurance / Medicare Bowel and bladder, wound care, diabetes care, etc. Yes, Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance
Cascading sanitary solutions Best for surgical supplies Wound care, urinary incontinence, toiletries, mattresses, and airway care No
Allegro Medical Best for orthopedic supplies Orthopedic, bariatric, diabetic supplies, urinary incontinence, stoma, pregnancy, etc. No

Frequently asked questions

What is a medical company?

Medical supply companies offer specialized medical supplies that can usually be found in hospitals or long-term care facilities. These consumables are usually specialty items that you will not normally find in a pharmacy. Some sell items that require a prescription for issuance.

What types of products are available from a healthcare supply company?

Examples of product categories that you can find on a healthcare provider's website include the following:

  • Bandages and cast: These products can help those who need to perform wound or bandage care.
  • Bathtub safety equipment such as toilets, nightstands, shower rails, and urinals.
  • Bowel / Stomach Management: This may include food for those with a stoma or tube feeding supplies.
  • Incontinence supplies: For example, pads, absorbent bedding, or washcloths / wipes.
  • Mobility aids such as walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, canes, or portable equipment fall into this category.
  • Products for physiotherapy. Examples include therapeutic bandages, cold compresses, elastic bands, and other physical therapy aids.
  • Respiratory supplies: CPAP masks, oxygen equipment, nebulizers, and oxygen masks or nasal cannulas are used for respiratory purposes.
  • Skin Care Products – These include specialty antiseptic soaps, barrier creams, and medical grade cleansers.
  • Urological supplies: Examples include catheter drainage bags or intermittent catheters.

Some medical supply companies may restrict their products to one type, such as respiratory equipment, while others may sell a broader range of products.

Do I need a prescription to buy products from a medical supply company?

You may need a prescription for certain items, depending on the type of purchase and whether you want to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. For example, equipment such as oxygen, CPAP masks, heated humidifiers, or any durable medical equipment may require a prescription.

Some medical supply companies will allow you to email or fax a prescription. Others will ask your healthcare provider for a prescription on your behalf. Medical supply companies often post their prescription policies on their websites.

Are medical products covered by insurance?

Coverage for medical supplies is highly dependent on your policy. Some insurance companies will reimburse you for the purchase of medical supplies and equipment, while others will work with the company to set up reimbursement and subsequent distribution.

The best way to determine if your insurance company covers your medical supplies is to look at their explanation of the benefits that your insurance company provides annually. You can also call your insurance company for information on coverage and compensation.

Can I order medical supplies online?

You can order medications online. The medical supply company may request a confirmation of the diagnosis or a prescription for certain medical supplies (such as a mask or CPAP machine). Other products that do not require special documentation can be purchased in the same way as with any other online transaction.

How do we select the best healthcare supply companies?

We analyzed 25 medical supply companies before choosing the best ones for each category, and we only included companies that sell to both consumers and businesses. Additional criteria included product availability, pricing, customer feedback, and ease of site navigation. We also look at delivery times, return order quantities, and return policies.

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