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The calf purchase strain is the injury in the leg muscles. The most common calf strains are insignificant tears of certain muscle fibers, but the main part of the muscle tissue remains intact.Heavier strains can cause tires full of muscles and loss of function.

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Symptoms of calf deformation

, as a general rule,People who admit the calf sudden voltage acute pain on the back of the foot. And the most common muscles are injured when the calf load occurs, it is a medial gastroinxus . This muscle inside the back of the leg.

The injury usually occurs just above the midpoint of the leg (between The knee and ankle).This calf area becomes smooth and inflamed when muscle tension occurs.

The spicy calf dish can be quite painful, depending on the severity of the injury.The calf strains are usually evaluated as follows: / P>

  • Grade I TALF STAMP : Soft discomfort, often minimal disability. Generally minimum or without restriction on the activity.
  • The calf strain can have swelling and bruising.
  • Degree of calf III : Serious injuries that can cause disability to walk.Often, patients complain of muscular spasms, swelling and important brunettes.

When to see the health care provider

If you have symptoms of a heavy calf voltage, it must be evaluated for proper processing.Some heavy calf tension signs include:

  • Hard walk
  • sit or at rest



The calf musclesThey hehew the distance from the knee to the ankle, it becomes Achilles tendons at the bottom of the leg. The calf muscle is made of two main muscles, the double-headed muscles of the pop muscles.

The calf tension is an injury to break gastrobemia or muscle tension from a scamper ‘. When muscle muscle is overvolt, muscle fibers can break. With fewer heavy muscle strains remain intact.

Most common phone strains in men aged 30 to 50 years.


Muscle deformation of the phone is usually a clear diagnosis, but there are other causes of patients with pains that should be considered.Other reasons for patients with pain include Quiste Quisco ,

Straight strains should be evaluated because in some very rare situations of the full muscle muscle gap it may be necessary to attach torn muscle extremes.It is rarely necessary, even in patients with class III Stamma III, since these patients can usually go through successful treatment without pieces.

If you are not sure if you have a calf strain or your symptoms, do not decide quickly, you should see your health care provider.As described above, other conditions can be confused with a calf voltage, and should be considered if their symptoms are not resolved immediately.


The treatment of calf deformation is usually guided by weight injuries. The muscle of the elongated calf rest is the key to successful treatment.As a general rule, if you have a calf strain, you can do events that do not exacerbate your injury.

should relax until you have pain to allow muscle damage to be treated. Resting inadequately, you can extend your recovery.

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Below are the general procedures used for the calf strains:

The time of time required for the healing of calf tension depends on the severity of the injury.The typical strain of Talf Grade i Fall will cure seven to 10 days, the class II injury for approximately four to six weeks, and a voltage of grade III voltage for approximately three months.

The most common injuries are a Class II calf strain that takes approximately six weeks for a complete healing.

The operation is not necessary injury injuries in the calf.Unlike TA> Achilles tendons, the gap , muscle muscle injuries, are not completely separated and heal with non-invasive treatment, and do not require surgery.The Achilles tendon gap is likely to need surgical treatment to achieve full healing.

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Swimming tension lesions are common injuries, especially in middle-aged athletes and weekend warriors.The symptoms of a tense strain are usually serious, but they are rapidly calmed down with adequate treatment.

The total healing of the injury by the calf muscles can take several months, but the vast majority of people can return to most early lessons. Sporting events often take a few months before to renew

Frequently asked questions

  • Telephone strains are described as Class I, II Class and III.The grade I. is the safest strain of calf, and grade III is serious.

  • time that will be required to deform the calf to heal depends on the severity of the lesion.

    • Slot strains of calf affect a week 10 days to heal.
    • It allows to cure four to six weeks.
    • strains (corning iii)

  • is better not.Running on the injured leg can worsen the injury. The deformation of calm should be treated to treat. You should avoid running or participating in other intense movements until you feel pain.Your health care provider will let you know when you can start running again after calf tension.

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