Treatment of Lyme disease.


The details of your Lyme disease treatment will depend on your case. It is much more likely to accept Lyme’s disease in the northeast, half-footage or northern states, as well as on the west coast, especially Northern California.Symptoms can start from days after it has been bitten until years after that. It is likely that a short course of antibiotics heal it easily if he is at an early stage.However, successful treatment for more complex cases requires three to four weeks of antibiotic treatment and, possibly additional treatments. Now look at how different stages and symptoms are processed of Lyme disease.

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Your health care provider will probably try your Lyme diseaseWith the proper use of antibiotics . In general, the sooner the treatment begins after the infection, the fastest and fastest recovery will be.Antibiotics, such as doxycycline, cefuroxxymetexethyl and amoxicillin, taken orally for several weeks, can accelerate the healing of their erythema migrant eruption and generally avoid subsequent symptoms,Like arthritis or neurological problems. Doxycycline also treats most other ticking diseases effectively.

Eruption of LYA disease.

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Children and pregnant women or women’s breastfeeding

Children with Lyme disease are treated with gabinetexillin, doxycycline or axheloma cefuroxime. The treatment for pregnant women with Lyme disease is similar to non-remote adults, except that doxycycline is not used because it can affect the development of the fetus.Women who have diagnosed Lyme disease and also feed on breastfeeding, should talk with their health care provider so that it can assign an antibiotic that is safe for use in breastfeeding.

Lyme artritis

If you have Lyme Arthritis , Your health care provider can relate to you with oral antibiotics.If its arthritis is severe, it can be given ceftriaxone or penicillin intravenously (through IV). To facilitate discomfort and for additional healing,Your healthcare provider can also:

  • prescribed as easy pharmaceutical products (NSAIDs)
  • make aspiration (drawing liquid from your connections Affected)
  • Surgical elimination of the inflamed liningIts affected connections

Most people, arthritis Lim will go for several weeks or months after treatment with antibiotics. In some, however, it can take years to disappear completely.

Some people with Lyme disease that are not treated for several years can be cured of their arthritis with adequate antibiotic treatment.However, if the disease has been preserved enough, however, it can forever damage the structure of the joint.

Neurological problems

For facial paralyzes, your doctor’s nerve can give you an oral mode of doxycycline.For meningitis, it will handle the ceftrixone antibiotic, which is administered intravenously once a day for three weeks. The manufacturers are completely restored.

Heart problem

For serious heart problems, like a block at atrioventricular , You may have prescribed ceftriaxone or oral mode of doxycycline for three weeks.

People with Lyme disease rarely have long-term heart damage.

Lyme disease syndrome after treatment

If you have a Lyme disease syndrome post-Post (PTLD), may need it, so that your health care provider eliminates other diseases with similar symptoms. Symptoms can also leave longer. . Antibiotic therapy in patients with PTLD.That’s what they discovered:

  • In the first test, patients received 30 days intravenous (Iv) Antibiotic in the oral antibiotic of 60 days. There was no evidence, the treatment is useful.
  • In the second court, the patients received 28 days from an IV antibiotic.Patients reported a general improvement, Zhugka had no advantage for the cognitive functions of Andsix participants who had serious undesirable phenomena associated with the treatment of antibiotic, four that require hospitalization.The researchers came to the conclusion that additional antibiotic therapy was not ‘supported by evidence’. Adverse reactions. Investors came to the conclusion that the treatment was not an effective strategy.

Bottom line: Long antibiotics therapy is not better than short-term antibiotic therapy and can actually be harmful.Niaid looks in support of more research to find the cause of PTLD and effective treatments, especially those that do not leave the balance of bacteria.

Additional Medicine

Some people began to study the use of natural means for Lyme disease, such as Samena and Banderol.It is said that the TA form> Glaw cats the grass, the most famous as medicine for Artritritisus, considers Lyme’s disease by increasing its immune system.Banderolis comes from the crust of the South American tree, known as otobaparvifolia and is considered to be eliminated the bacteria associated with the limbes.

Using ofsementoand Banderole as the natural facilities for Lyme disease were popular in part by Richard Horowits, MD, Author ‘Why can not I improve? The decision of the secret of Lima and chronic disease.According to Gorovitsa, both herbal tools can help treat Lyme disease by getting rid of the body of bacteria.

Sament and Banderole: Using and investigating

Banderol AndSamento Supporters recommend it as alternatives to antibiotics, which are Standard procedures for Lyme disease.It is said that these obstacles can help patients on cleaning side effects, sometimes associated with the use of antibiotics, such astrophopin disasters.3 / p>

Supporters also say that Banderol and salon are converted into the treatment of Lyme disease by reducing chronic inflammation .(Some studies show that inflammation can contribute to health problems associated with Lyme, such as muscle weakness, memory loss, headache and depression.)

In addition, Banderol and there is sometimes used to control sick sick disease syndrome (PTLD). People with PTLDs symptoms have delayed for a long time after completing the course of antibiotics.These symptoms include fatigue, muscle pain and joints, sleep interruption and mood swings. / P>

At this time, however, it is not very little evidence, the backup argues that Banderol or Sament can help treat Lyme disease.There are some studies, show that the combination of SaAnd Banderol can help eliminate them Burrgdorferi, bacteria responsible for Lyme disease. Learning often indicated, however, it lacks a strict review. Scientists have not yet confirmed these conclusions or related research in clinical trials related to patients with Lyme disease.

Sament against.GLAW FELLINE

If you think about USSSITOTOTO LOOKLYME disease, it is important to know the difference between beterension and cats. Although they belong to the same, two medications have another chemical makeup.

Cats Obapanese cats and cats contain five cyclic oxidoloic alkaloids (POA), which are compounds that are compounds to stimulate immune function and help patients with lime disease with recovery.However, in contrast to the cat’s cat, the self-controls do not contain a class of compounds called alkaloid tetracy oxidolny (toas). Todged will interrupt the function of the central nervous system and weakens the effects of the POA.

Other natural means

SAO ISJUST One of the many drugs thought that It benefits people with Lyme disease.Some supporters of alternative medicine suggest that herbs like Astragalus and Echinacea can help check your immune system and clean your body from microbes.Additions such as methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are approved to facilitate joint pain, and Ginkgo Biloba is announced as a natural approach to increase the clarity of mental clarity.

However, as a case of Banderol and Sament, there is currently no study to support the use of any of these medications in the treatment of Lyme disease.

Consult your health care provider before using the natural protection equipment

If you are interesting about Banderol, Saus or other Herbian treatment,Talk to your health care provider about any of these remedies in your plan for the treatment of Lyme disease.Although it can be tempting to try to prove it, the inappropriate treatment of Lyme disease can lead to serious complications, such as problems with the joints and the deteriorated nervous system, so composure is not recommended.

In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the side effects and risks of these herbs in ordinary doses or high doses are not known, and not their safety in children, pregnant women or nurses, or people with other state of health.Your healthcare provider can help you weigh risks with the advantages.

Disease Disease Discussion Guide from Lima

Get our guide to print for your next medical care provider destination to help you ask the right questions .

Research treatment of the Lyme disease

After treatment of Lyme disease, perhaps still can have muscle pain, neurological symptoms,Such as problems with memory and concentration, and fatigue. These symptoms are often departed independently.Researchers from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) carry out investigations to determine the cause of these symptoms and the best way to treat them.

for the development of Anastathimmunes reviews, contribute to their symptoms. Researchers are currently considering the meaning of this objective to a large extent, as well as investigations to know the best time interval to give antibiotics for several signs and symptoms of Lyme disease.

NIH carries out and admits biomedical studies destined to comply with Lyme’s disease tasks, and scientists are gaining better understanding of the human immune response, which leads to this. For example, they reveal the mechanisms responsible for resistance to loins to arthritis of therapeutic treatment. Improving the understanding of the human immune response can lead to an improvement in diagnostic and prognostic tools.

Frequently asked questions

  • During the diagnosis and processing early antibiotics, most people who hire Lyme disease, do not contain infections and Symptoms for three or four weeks.Even when the disease is applied to other parts of the body, the resulting complications can often be cured, although they can be difficult to treat.

  • There are three stages, each of which may have different symptoms (although sometimes the symptoms can overlap):

    • Driver / early Located : fever, chills, headache,hard neck, pain in throat, fatigue, muscles and joint pain, Inflamed lymph nodes and eruption (which may or may not be formed as oxe)
    • Early Distribution : Influenzaco Symptoms plus pain, weakness or numbness at the extremities,Changes in vision, heart heartbeat , chest pain and paralysis (face paralysis)
    • Distributed late : Any of a number of symptoms,that is developed as an infection becomes more rooted throughout the body, such as arthritis, migraine , vertigo and fatigue increasingly extreme, cognitive problems and heart problems

  • If it is not treated, Lyme’s disease can spread to other parts of the body and cause complications, such as arthritis, carditis and neurological problems.It can also lead to tightening symptoms that prevent general health and quality of life.

  • ‘Chronic Lyme disease’ is another name for Lyme disease after treatment (PTLD).However, this is not a formal diagnosis.In contrast, Lyme’s disease researchers use the term to designate people who continue to have certain symptoms for six months or more after the treatment of antibiotics,Among them:

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