Treatment with jammed finger.


You can know that the jammed finger refers to the pain in the joints of the fingers and swelling of the impact of damage to one or more fingers.The jam fingers are extremely painful and require immediate treatment to help healing. In addition, if traffic jams are not resolved immediately, they can mask more damage, such as fractures or dislocations.

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The first step towards the treatment of such lesion is the formation of ice of theInjury and increases. Dedo arrested.Ice lesions with ice, or if you wear frozen vegetables, first wrap with a towel and then go to the lesion to 15-Small intervals, eliminating ice and waiting until the finger returns to normal temperatures before freezing the fault

Make sure that more than three 15-minute intervals are not on ice hour.

Check your finger for movement and movement range

If the finger does not move easily or the pain becomes worse, consult the doctor and have x-Ray to determine if there is a bone fracture or dislocation that must be corrected. After the edema decreases, and the pain will disappear, try moving the finger slightly.If the injury is soft, you can move your finger with a small discomfort for a short time.

Finger ribbon and rest

If you have determined that the stuck finger is a slight injury, cover your finger stuck on your finger and try to relax. This is called ‘Uniting the record.’ It is important to use the tape of the medical class and use part of the gauze between the fingers to the blisters and moisture while you treat.You can also consider the possibility of a tire if your ordinary doctor suggested that it holds your finger, aligned with the rest of your fingers and protects for an additional injury.

cm.quireopractic or osteopath

physiotherapy exercises useful for full recovery.However, you can start using chiropractic or osteopath to make sure that cure occurs as it should be. It is serious or slight injuries, you may prefer a finger that has previously been before, which can create more road problems .One of these specialists can make sure that the healing finger is compatible with the correct range of movement, movement and circulation. You may also be able to offer the following steps if there are bad news on the attached finger.

Use or use it or stay

After completing the right care, making sure everything matches your cured finger, try using it normally, so that it will return to your strength and ability.If you do not use it, you can lose strength on your curative finger or start calling imbalances in your other fingers that can threaten the lesion. Simple simple fingers cure completely, if there is no destruction or dislocation.If there is a destruction or dislocation, it may take several months. The pain can last for months, and the injured joint can be more than discontent fingers even more.

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