Types of aging, causes and prevention.


aging is what we all have fun to understand.Of course, it is easy to consist of a list of all the changes that are sent with the loss of Agememomory, wrinkles and muscle loss, no one has a loss of muscle mass, nobody understands that aging, why it happens, and we can actually slow Or stop it.

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What does it grow old?

Think about aging as’ what happens with our bodies over time.’This definition covers multiple processes that the human body goes as it ages (unlike the signs of aging, such as gray hair and wrinkles).

The body is caused by the body, such increase In children who spend during puberty.The station can also be accumulated, as the extension of skin damage due to excessive impact on the sun.

Enduriorly combines a combination of physiological changes in our agencies and environmental factors that we are subject to.Although the last often beyond our control, some environmental factors are modified and can affect aging.

Type of aging

digging deeper into the aging process, there are several theories that describe how and why our age ages are at various levels.

Cell aging

Cage can be replicated at approximately 50 times before genetics The material can no longer be copied with precision, this malfunction of replication is called cell aging,During which the cell loses its functional characteristics. The ability of aging cells is a distinctive feature of cell aging , which in turn translates to biological aging. .Faster than cell aging develops.

Hormonal aging

Hormones Play a great role in aging , especially in childhood,When they help build bones and muscles and facilitate the development of secondary male or female features.

Over time, the output of many hormones will begin to decrease, which leads to changes in the skin (for example, wrinkles and losses of elasticity) and loss of muscle tone, bone density and sexual unit.

Copy damage

Aging caused by Accumulative damage (ie, ‘wear’) on external factors that can increase over time.The effects of toxins, Ultraviolet radiation , non-healthy products and contamination can only some of the things they can pick up on the body.

Over time, these external factors can directly damage DNA in the cells (exposing them partially to excessive or constant inflammation A>).Accumulated damage can undermine the body’s ability to restore, contributing to rapid aging.

Metabolic aging

How is it going? About your day, your cells are constantly converted into energy into energy, which produces secondary products that can be harmful to the body.The process of metabolization, although it is necessary to cause damage by progressive cells, a phenomenon called metabolic aging .

Some experts believe that the slowdown in the metabolic process through practice, such as calorie restriction, may have a slow age in people.

Agreement process

Our age culture is consumed using the ‘Deceleration of aging’ and an increase in durability,But the main truth is all this in such a way that old isodanoids . No matter what you do, your body will change in several key ways.

for example, at the time the person turns 20, the lung tissues will begin to lose the elasticity, the muscles around the chest will deteriorate to deteriorate, and the general function of the lungs will begin to decrease gradually.

Similarly, the production of digestive enzymes will begin to decrease when we increase, which affects how nutrients are absorbed in the body and The types of food. That we can digest without difficulty.

The blood vessels also lose their flexibility when we increase.In people who are sedentary and feed on deficient diets, the loss of elasticity in a pair with the accumulation of fatty deposits can cause an atherosclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

As a woman’s focus for menopause, vaginal fluids will decrease, and sexy fabric will begin the Atrophy due to loss of estrogen .The muscles of men will be thin, and sperm products decrease due to a decrease at the testosterone level .

How slowly aging Down

Aging can not be avoided.That said, there are some things you can do to soften environmental factors that affect aging:

  • is good. added sugar, salt and saturated fat causes damage to the body, increasing the risk of hypertension , > heart disease .To avoid these problems associated with aging, increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low dairy products and meats and fish.If you buy packaged products for your convenience, check the label to make sure you limit sodium consumption at 1500 milligrams (mg) per day, your sugar consumption is up to 25 mg per day,And its consumption of saturated fat is up to less than 10% of its daily calories. . Although it often requires multiple attempts to finally expel the habit, there are effective auxiliary tools that can help.
  • Exercises. Most adults do not meet the recommended requirements of the requirements for good health (approximately 30 minutes of moderate exercise at a time time 5 days a week).Despite this, 15 minutes of moderate activity per day can improve durability compared to training.
  • Chat. Socialization keeps us psychologically involved and can help affect durability. Supports good and healthy relationships with others. Stay in touch with those you love, and they do it in meeting new people.
  • Sleep enough. Chronic sleep deprivation is associated with poor health and shorter spah. , Improving sleep hygiene and get from 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night, you can not only feel better, but live more weather.
  • Reduces stress. Chronic stress and anxiety can be damaged to your body, as they cause the highlight of the hormone of inflammatory tension called cortisol.Training in stress control with methods of relaxation and mind-body therapy can help relieve indirect inflammatory pressure placed in cells.

Word of Meds information received

Aging is necessary for your physical and emotional well-being.If you set the age, it is most likely that you exceed it using too much or starting diets that can do more harm than good.

, taking aging as a process on which you have control, you can make a healthy choice , either 25 or 75.It’s not too late to start.

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