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Instead, medications are often used to facilitate BPD symptoms, such as mood changes, depression, impulsivity and The agression.

It has not been shown that the preparation mode is effective in all persons with BPD, and there are no medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of BPD.As such pharmaceutical procedures, generally including one of the four classes of medications, they must be individual.

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Studies in different countries Showed antidepressants are the class more commonMedications to come with BPD, with an approximate 80% of patients with BPD. Maois) were the most studied.

While the SSRIS function mainly by increasing serotonin levels (important for mood management), Maois’s work, blocking several other neurotransmitters.


Maois was the first preparations in the market for the treatment of depression. They are also used to treat other psychiatric disorders, including panic disorder and social phobia .

As its name implies that Maois inhibits the monoamine oxidase enzyme of the destruction of the first of the first and the banks in the brain, that is, norepinephrine , This block increases the levels of these neurotransmitters and allows them to work in cells. Defected by depression.

There are different Maoi.Weva, who studied in BPD, are: / P>

  • nardil (feenelzine) : Improves depression and impulsive aggression in BPD. The main side effect of this medication can be an uncomfortable activation.
  • Parnate: There are limited data, but some studies have shown that this medicine improves affective symptoms and interpersonal sensitivity in BPD.>

    maois is not the first choice of depression treatment.In comparison with Szris Maui, there are more side effects including dry mouth, drowsiness, insomnia, dizziness and ease.These medications are also associated with a significant interaction of the drug and can potentially cause high blood pressure if certain dietary limitations are observed.