Types of lips Led and Treatment


acleft lipis is one of the most common anomalies for the person plastic surgeons treated . the slits of the lips escape the parents, since they do not want me to their son feel aware or being the center of ridicule. The lipstick is a space in the superior lip.Why is this happening? During the development of the fetus, the nasal and luminous elements are not adequately collected. The division of the lips varies depending on the severity.

The slit of the lips is historically called ‘Zaennaya Labe’.’This Monicker came due to a natural division, which is present in the upper lip of rabbits / hares. Termhare Lipis is no longer used in the medical community, since it is considered a derogatory.

The slit of the lip is different from a Left flavor .The lip lip affects the upper lip, while the cleft sky is a space on the roof of the mouth. Not all people with split lips have cleaned the taste. And not all people with cracks will not have a clean lip.For a person, he can divide his lips and slits.

In this article, you will learn the names of the parts of the normal lip. It seems that it looks like a normal lip, it will help you better understand what parts of the lip are abnormal in the slit. lip.You will also learn about the different types of division of the unilateral lips against bilateral, complete against incomplete.

unilateral means that the lip has division on one side. bilateral means that there are cracks on both sides.Completed indicates that the slit extends from the lip to the nose. Incomplete includes the lip, but the nose stains.

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