Types of progressive lenses


Premium progressive lenses

Premium progressive lenses are often referred to as "free-form design" or "wavefront technology." Premium progressive lenses provide a much wider reading area without distortion. Vision is usually clearer as these lenses typically have a 100% digital surface or coating.

These lenses are computer designed with minor modifications so that both eyes can work together. These often include the fact that you have a dominant eye.

This will match the recipe for you and the frame you want. Rather than a compact lens design as is the case with the progressive short runner, the lens is fully adjustable so that all power ranges fit well into any frame.

Unsurprisingly, these lenses are more expensive than standard progressive lenses or entry-level lenses. These lenses cost between $ 600 and $ 800.

Benefits : Premium progressive lenses are custom designed to fit both the frame of your choice, your prescription, and your own ocular anatomy. They are usually much easier to adapt and have much less "swimming" or dizziness in head movements. Sometimes it seems that these lenses do not use multifocal lenses at all.

Disadvantages : Premium progressive lenses tend to cost more than regular progressive lenses. Even with vision plans, copays are often much higher. These lenses must be purchased from a physician's office who has additional technology to take the digital measurements necessary to make these lenses.

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