Types of soft tissues and examples.


soft tissues describe the type of cells that work together to connect, envelope, support and / or movement of the surrounding structures.In general, soft tissues are commonly used to describe muscles, tendons , ligaments and / or fascia .But several other types of fabrics and body systems also contain soft fabrics, including fat, skin (coverage system), nervous system and blood circulation system.

While all soft tissues play a role in back pain, and its healing, it participates constantly in the rehabilitation of the spine.

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The muscles are motors motors.Surround the joints, protect them and work together to ensure the movement.

muscles of contracts and relax, the process that is directed by the nervous system.

Creation of a sufficient amount of muscle strength to back up the back, providing flexibility to easily move in all possible addresses of the physiotherapy column column lens.

If you have an operation in the spine, your surgeon may have discovered the cuts in certain muscles to access structures during surgery, had outdoor surgical repairs or minimal indicative spinal surgery (mast) .The healing process after surgical cut in his muscles can be optimized with physiotherapy.

Soft tissue quick corrections for the back voltage

Muscles and other types of soft tissues play an important role at your low health level.For example, the muscles of the hermetic thigh can press the muscles of the spine, causing pain or pain.

To eliminate delays caused by the narrow muscles of the thigh,Consider the following stretch:

If your backache on the back is ordered by the tension of the muscles from the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom the bottom of thelower part of the lower part of the lower part of the lower part of the lower part of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of theBottom of the lower part of the lower back. , Think about trying to try the rapid reverse muscle release program.


Fascia is another important type of soft tissues that enter the game during therapy and neck.The fascia is a coating that surrounds small muscle packets of fiber and large muscle groups.

Fassia helps maintain the integrity and movement of the muscles. Aidlinno, Faschy Fibers Souckly Store.But when they had wounded or developing chronic disease problems, the fascia can be traveled. Since the fascia will become the muscles, muscle tension can be confused when teased.The application

, called Miofarem release, is often used by manual therapists to correct it.

If your health care provider was diagnosed with inflammation of the fascia, and you are not in the formal processing program, consider the use of tennis balls or foam rollers to train fascial foams.Autosocial methods can lead to pain facilitation and a greater range of movement due to release.

Fascial fitness systems are also gaining popularity.Most involve myofascial edition, as described above, in combination with inflating movements to help restore the natural elasticity of the fascial coating.The ideas of the Fitness Fitness field began to penetrate more installed systems, such as Yoga and Pilates.

Packages and tendons

Packages are rigid that connect tissue bands that are together.As they cross the joints, they help prevent excessive and potentially harmful movement.

tendons made of a similar type of connective tissue, place the muscles to their bones.When muscle contracts are tugboats in the tendon that arises from it, and the tendon raises the bone to which it is united.

The role of the muscles and other types of soft tissues in the rear injury and the pain

Soft neck and subsequent injuries of soft tissues are quite common.Said lesions are estimated according to the type and seriousness.

If it damages the muscle or tendon, it’s called Namirah; injury is called tension.

  • One of the classes is soft; An example is a muscle or elongated tendon after gardening or yard.This is a very serious injury that requires emergency and immediate medical attention.

The complex of your soft tissue can also affect your pain levels, especially when you are not in the form, too tight or excessive.The exercise program that emphasizes leveling and balance through the body can contribute to the health and stability of your muscles and fascia and prevent tension or stretch your muscles, ligaments and tendons.

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