Types of wound rupture


dbridement is the process of eliminating the unhealthy tissue from the body. The fabrics can be necrotic (dead), infected damaged, contaminated or can be a foreign body in the tissue.

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Why determination is made

In as an example, the patient has a serious wound,What is infected and does not improve with antibiotics and a wound for the key.For this patient, the patient surgically eliminates the wound and elimination of some dead and infected tissues may mean that the body can fight the infection and easier to fight against the wound.A healthy fabric that is still more likely is healthy and is not infected with the dead cloth.

Debit types

The medication uses a wide range of medical debt methods, and various types of these serious or injured injuries can be used.For example, a serious wound with a necrotic cloth (dying) can first handle surgical restrictions, but may have an enzymatic and mechanical debut in the following weeks.

  • Surgical debt : This is the process of eliminating damaged or dying tissues surgically. In this case, the surgeon visually examines the tissue, determines which fabric is viable and eliminates a tissue that is not the same.Bad woven cuts literally, using a tool or sharp heat, with a surgeon, trying to maintain as much tissue as possible.
  • Self-service resolution : This is your own body to get rid of dead fabrics and keep a healthy fabric.This process can be provided with the replenishment of auxiliary replenishment or the attention of wounds, but this type of rupture is worthwhile and allows the body to take the fighters.
  • Enzymatic debut : This type of debit uses enzyme solutions or ointment for tissue treatment.As a general rule, the solution or ointment is combined with a bandage that changes regularly, which softens the fabric and allows you to eliminate bad tissues when removing the dressing.
  • Mechanical dispersion : This form of dispersion is the removal of the tissue that uses a bandage that changes regularly.The bandage, generally called wet to a dry dressing, consists of a wet gauze that is used for the wound, which requires a break, which is then covered with a sterile bandage.After the established period of time, the bandage is dried, allowing the tissue to adhere to the gauze. When the bandage is removed, the fabric, adhered to the brand, is also eliminated.This type of debt is also called ‘non-selective debit’, because you can eliminate healthy and unhealthy fabrics using this process.
  • DBidement Maggot : This type of debit uses larvae, or flying a larva that rises in a sterile environment to debrase ras.The larvae are placed In a wound, as a rule, under a free bandage, where they eat dead or dead fabrics.The larvae are a type of selective debit, which is selective that surgical, only require an unhealthy tissue, leaving a healthy, unnecessary fabric.
  • Hydrotherapy (mechanics) Samples : Hydrotherapy, or water under pressure, is most often used to neutralize wounds.


The debit process varies from insignificant irritation to very painful.Depending on the type of unbracked performed, the nature of the wound and how serious the wound will have that will determine the wound which cerebral relief on pain should be provided before the procedure is carried out.Some procedures will be performed without any intervention for pain, while others will require anesthesia, so the patient will not be aware of the procedure performed.

, while anesthesia is necessary for severe cases, analgesics taken, taken, generally more than adequate for most semi-annual types of Debt and in many cases, analgesics will not be necessary.

The word of the medicine information obtained

The track is often the necessary evil; Although it can be painful, many wounds will not cure without this substantial process.If you have a wound and debut, it is important to find out everything you can about the claim process, and do not hesitate to get a second opinion if you are not sure what kind of procedure will be best for your unique situation.Take the time to ask questions about the available options, the cost of these options, and most importantly, what kind of debt will lead to a better healing of your wound.

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