Types Ortyoms Toble (AFO)


Orthez ankle (AFO) is a heavy clamp, knitting on the lower leg, which improves general security and walk efficiency for people with certain diseases.AFO guarantees the stability of the objectives, supports joint connections, as well as the help of muscle weakness. / P>

The different types of AFO were designed to solve the individual needs of the patient.As a general rule, a health care provider or physiotherapist will evaluate the patient and determine if AFO is guaranteed, and if so, what kind of spectacularization.

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THE CAUSE More common required by AFO AFO –> Inability to lift a leg while walking, which leads to the fingers of the legs to the ground. Falling the legs are caused by weakness or paralysis on one side of the body, usually from some brain or nerve.

Medical care providers cause small weakness or paralysis on one side of the body hemipreps , and full paralysis On one side of the body is called hemiplejia .Conditions that may create any of them.And the result in feet failures includes:

  • Disipate sclerosis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Neck or steamEspinal
  • Sciatica

  • muscular dystrophone
  • Herbar daƱo (crown)

    AFO -This is a general option, since the research has shown that they help improve the march and leg in patients with hemipilege.

    If you have difficulties and notes that understand your fingers on the floor, especially on one side your body, get in Contact with your health care provider immediately.

    Types of orthosis of ankle legs

    Your care It can help calculate your march (often,People with leg drops are set by a high content pattern of Caypage ) and select the best AFOM for your specific status.

    If your fall is temporary, not standard, without being the AFO shelf may be sufficient. If your condition is available, it is permanent, you can guarantee the orthosis to order an ankle foot. Advanced technologies where you can create custom orthotes through 3D printing.

    Some differences between parameters:

    • solid AFO, which does not offer an ankle movement, can not be Large and a little awkwardly, but it may be necessary to fully stabilize the ankle and leg during walking.The
    • hamlet (articulated) model allows a bending ankle.
    • Little, more mobile Mobile can include a rear spring sheet.This type of AFO has a rigid front light plate with a flexible rear foot plate, which is bent and saves energy in the step.When he raises his leg from the ground, spring adds a small increase in his path, rapidly raising his feet and fingers from the ground.

    Tobillo orthresis -does not match walking, which is not used for medical conditions, but to protect the legs and ankles after the injury or surgery,The fault

    Word of the information received from Meds

    The orrtious ankle equipped incorrectly can pull the leg and ankle that leads to red and possibly bleeding. Give the stage daily by any sign of irritation of the skin, as this can lead to the infection. If you observe the problem, stop using an Orthesian pedagna and immediately see your health care provider.You may have to adjust your AFO.

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