Understanding and treatment of the faith of the polycythemia.


PolycyThemia Vera is a disorder in which the bone marrow makes too many erythrocytes, forest blood cells, as well as Plates , which can lead to the risk of blood clots.

Have too many erythrocytes, it is the most remarkable clinical sign of the Polycythemic of Faith. The mutation in a gene for Jak2, a protein involved in the alarm inside the cell, was found in many people with this condition.

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Who receives the faith of the polycythemic?

Polycytemia Vera can occur at any age often happens moreAfternoon in life. If you observe the centuries of all people with this condition, the average age during diagnosis would be 60 years, and is often not visible in people under 40 years of age.The frequency of polycythemia of faith is slightly higher in men than women, the highest for men aged 70 to 79 years.

How many people are affected?

Surely it is difficult because a person can have this condition for a long time and not know, but estimates on one or two people 100,000.

According to the Actpite Corporation, Wilmington, Davaire, based on a biopharmaceutical company specializing in oncology, there are approximately 25,000 people in the United States living with polycythemia vera, and are considered uncontrollable,Because they develop resistance or intolerance to the base of medicinal therapy, hydroxy-eruption.

Is cancer or illness?

Polycythemia Vera has some characteristics similar to cancer, as it includes an uncontrolled separation of an immature cell, and does not cure.Knowing this, the study of the fact that you or your loved one have this disorder, it is possible that it is understandable to be tense. However, know that this condition can be effectively managed during very long periods.

The National Cancer Institute determines the polythemical faith as follows: the disease in which the bone marrow is of too many erythrocytes in the bone marrow and blood, causing blood thickening.The number of leukocytes and platelets can also increase. Additional blood cells can collect in the spleen and make it increase. They can also cause problems with bleeding and doing clusters in the blood vessels.

According to lymphoma lymphoma, people with polycytemia vera are at risk something greater than the general population that establishes leukelosis of the disease outcome and / or certain established drugs.Although this is a chronic state that is not curable, remember that it can generally be controlled efficiently for a long time, a long time ago, useful life is usually not reduced.In addition, complications can be processed and prevented by medical supervision.


Yes, but the details about the risk of progression are still investigated.Although people may not have symptoms for many years, polycythemia Vera can lead to the development of a series of symptoms and signs, including fatigue, itching, night sweats, bone pain, fever and weight loss .Cooling from 30% to 40% of people with the faith of polycythemia have increased the spleen. In some people, it can lead to exhausting symptoms and cardiovascular complications. The burden of this disease is still actively investigated.


A test called Hematocrit is used for both the diagnosis of polycythemia of faith and to measure the reaction of people in therapy.Hematokritis is the proportion of erythrocytes in the volume of blood, and is generally administered as a percentage or increase in blood hemoglobin concentration.

In healthy people, the concentration of hematocrit is approximately 36 to 46% in women and from 42 to 52% in men.Other information that can gradually be of blood tests is also useful in diagnosis, including the presence of the JAK2 mutation mutation of blood cells.Although it is not obliged to make a diagnosis, some people can also have an analysis of the bone marrow of the bone marrow as part of their work and evaluation.

Dr.Vera Discussion Guide from PolyicyThemia Vera

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According to the leukemia lymphoma society, the phlebotomy or the elimination of the blood of the veins,It is the usual starting point of the treatment for most patients. This can reduce hematocrit concentration, which generally leads to an improvement in certain symptoms, such as headaches, calls on ears and dizziness.

Medication therapy may include agents that can reduce red cell concentrations or platelets are called myelosuppressive agents. The most frequent myelosuppressive agent for the faith of polycythemia is a hydroxier, given by the mouth.The most common side effects include cough or ronquera, fever or chills, bottom of rear or lateral pain, and painful or complex urination.

about jakafi for polycytemia vera

jakafi (Rucolitinib) -This is a prescribed medication that is used to treat people with the faith of the polycythemia, who have already accepted the hydroxyranch, and did not work well enough, or did not matter.Jakafi is also used to treat certain types of myelophibrosis in the scope of the bone marrow.

According to the FDA, Jakafi works by inhibiting the enzymes called the kinase associated with Janus (JAK) 1 and 2, which are involved in the control of blood and immunological functioning.The approval of drug treatment drugs will help reduce the occurrence of a spleen A A A A. expanded splenomegaland and the need for phlebotomy, the procedure to eliminate extra blood from the body.

The most common side effects associated with Jakafi radiation in participants with Policythemia Vera in qualified clinical trials,There were low erythrocyte values ( anemia ) and low blood platelets (thrombocytopenia) referred to the most common side effects associated with blood, dizziness, constipation and tile.

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