Understanding hepatitis B e-antigen or hbeag


hbeag means hepatitis B e-antigen . This antigen is a protein of the virus hepatitis B , which circulates in the infected blood when the virus is actively played.The presence of Hbeag suggests that the person is infectious and is able to distribute the virus to other people.

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What are the results of the HBEAG test means

Bantigen test means ofPOSITIVE HEPATITIS There is an active infection with the hepatitis B virus, and the virus was actively multiplied. Anyone who is in contact with your blood without protection may be at risk of contracting hepatitis from you.

HBEAG test during pregnancy

Pregnant women are verified for another antigen, the surface antigen of hepatitis B (HBSAG), which also demonstrates an active infection with hepatitis B.If this test is positive, the HBEAG test can be done with tests such as the VHB DNA concentration or viral load, test and alanine test (ALT) for liver function.If the HBEAG test is positive, the control and prevention and prevention centers (CDC) recommend that women immediately appeals to the delivery specialist. . infected.


People with chronic hepatitis B can show HBeag seroconversion levels that fall until they are deployed,While the levels of HBE antibodies are being developed. It is considered a good sign for the forecast and instructions that your treatment can work successfully.

Antigen is a protein that stimulates the Reaction of the immune system, which makes your body create antibodies to combat invasions.In hepatitis B, the antigen of the surface of hepatitis B (HBSAG) and the main hepatitis B of the antigen (HBCAG) is common to test the surface antigen. These antigens are joined inside and outside the virus. / P>

The electric hepatitis B antigen is different. This is a protein that the virus produces and secrete . It does not circulate when applied to the virus, but, instead, it is free on bloodstones and tissues.It occurs when the virus is actively multiplied, so it is a sign that it has an active infection, and people in contact with their blood and body fluids are at risk of infection with a virus.

Interestingly, there are strains of hepatitis B virus that do not produce HBEAG. People who acquire infections in the Middle East and Asia can have one of these strains. In this case, the negative HBEAG test has little sense.They can have an active infection of hepatitis B without a positive test hbeag .

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