Understanding how it works 911


911 is still very young compared to other emergency services. Fire rights in the United States, from the end of the 1600s and law enforcement agencies such as laws.911, On the other hand, it can not exist as long as we had no phones and enough to make it useful.


IDEA 911 is simple: when you I need to call for help , it is easy to remember the three-digit number that can never be used for anything else.This is universally in all US. UU (and Canada, since both countries use the same telephone switching system).Not only is it used universally in each state, and after 97% of the United States geographical, but 911 is also universal, regardless of the type of emergency. You call the same ambulance number you make for a policeman.

Simple, even a kindergarten at a can learn to call 911 .

As it sounds, you may be surprised to discover how difficult it is 911. This is a universal number, but it does not work as everywhere.Here are some 911 secrets and how they can affect you.

A number, many call centers

No Central Center 911 Collector for all.In fact, not all call centers really respond to the 911 calls directly.

The collective center 911 is known as a response point for public safety (pSAP).According to the last record FCC , there are more than 8,000 blood in the United States. Muchos are known as primary lining and more than 1400 are known as a secondary lining. / P>

Main psap are call calls when calling 911, this is the main door of the services Emergency. In most cases, these government agencies are usually police.

New Yorky City has five primary psaps registered in FCC. All of them are in Brooklyn, and all registered at NYPD.CADA one of the 911 responses requests another area.And no matter where you are in New York, when you call 911, you will be answered in Brooklyn. / P>

secondary psap is where the call 911 can be transmitted.In the secondary psap, there are still urgent challenges, they are simply not the first voices, they are simply not the first voices you hear when you call 911.Primary users often process police agencies, and sometimes other types of emergency situations. In many cases, the secondary arc of the shot knobs or emergencies.

In the district of Los Angeles, there are 26 primary traps.If you are calling 911 by a fire in Los Angeles, after the call on the main pSAP confirms where it is, it will be transferred to the secondary psap in any department of the County Fire Department of the City of Los Angeles.

Just because you are in the same area, however, it does not mean you can not, call 911 otherwise . For example, if you are in Georgia and talk with a sick relative in Idaho, you can call 911 and explain the situation. It is clear that you need.For Taker in Georgia it will help you get in touch with PSAP in Idaho. This is not a common call for emergency calls for processing, but this happens.

About 911 specialized calls

Many subscribers are eliminated from the security guard to calls from port 911.The first time I call 911, wait for a person to respond, and after this person ends up getting all the necessary information, he hung up.Instead,

The first person responsible for challenge 911 is generally the call, specialized in making challenges in police agencies.This challenge policy will know exactly what to do if it is in a situation that requires immediate action to protect your safety. These are the calle challenges you want at the other end of the phone, if you have an attacker in the house, or you have been kidnapped.

If you need more than authorization of the law, after creating a call, the taker will establish where it is, he or she will pass you to the appropriate call or psap. In many cases, secondary pSAP is not even in the same building as the main one.

The new calls will ask questions about your actual emergency. If someone has collapsed before you, and now call 911, this is a Take Call, which will receive all the necessary information for the Ambulance to start rent.It is also the call taker, which will tell you what to do for the patient, including how to make CPR , if necessary.

Location, Location, Location

If you call 911, you may be surprised with the frequency with which they are called manufacturers that ask you where it is.Each time a new voice appears on the line, you will be asked for your location (at least the address and, sometimes, more specific), as well as the phone number from which you call. This can even be confirmed for the second time in each voice.In relation to the call, it is transmitted only once, it will potentially ask your location and phone number four times.

do not delay it. It does not look like a challenge, he forgot what you said or did not pay attention.The arrangement of an emergency is the most important information on any 911 call. It does not matter what happens after telling them where it says that the meteor come from the sky and pulls out the phone, needs a taketer from the linear area, it has what you need Send.Then, drive a car with red lights from above to your emergency.

There is a common erroneous idea that 911 computers always know where it is when it calls.This feature is known as Extended 911 (E911) and is available in most places across the country. It uses a national database for the addresses, but the database is sometimes confused.Also, it only works with hospitals (phone numbers are connected to the wall). Cell phones do not always decide their location to PSAP.

Even if the location information is available when call 911 on your mobile phone , not all PSAP have a computer to read it. Internet telephones work on another road completely.The information is stored on the phone, so if you move the phone from one place to another, you can report the incorrect address of PSAP.

This is due to these technical problems that the challenges ask so often for their location.

So many questions

One of the most common complaints of subscribers comes from the number of questions they should have responded. This is a feeling.In the Subscriber’s mind, they already know what an emergency situation is. They want to talk about calling Taker and loved him if the challenges were heard.

The problem is that not all communicate equally.Some people are better to get their glasses every other.

Call takers are trained to set certain questions in a default order, using the answers as a roadmap to which the question.Ultimately, as a result of which the correct questions and receive clear answers, Taker Call Taker may send the type of correct resources (fire engines, police, emergency medical services,Anything) and provide the correct instructions to the caller.

The first and the most important tip to call 911: does not hang . When the takemaker’s call is ready to disable the call, he or she will tell you.Stay as quiet as you can carefully listen to the questions. If the takemaker’s call does not think he was heard correctly, he or she will probably repeat the question.If you listen to the same question more than once, sigh and answer it as clearly as possible. Do not be annoying precisely, Taker’s call receives information, faster will receive help.

Who is you talking to with ambulance with?

The last thing you need to remember PSAP: This is generally not operations.In most places across the country, people who respond to 911 calls are not the same people with whom they speak with respect to emergency respondents .

When I call 911 and start answering questions, it is likely to listen to the computer keys by clicking on how the questions answers. This call, writes, wrote everything you say.The dispatcher can read all these comments and transmit them to the urgent respondents. In some systems, respondents can read these call notes directly through computers in emergency cars.

In the past, the dispatcher was a store of a person. He took calls to the phone, firmly on his shoulder. The information was written in the coup, similar to the fact that some companies are used to synchronize employees.He put the card on the drilling clock to record time. He sent calls to the radio and continued following his hand, where there were all the ambulances, and what they did.

Today we have passed a long way.Now the center has dozens of people who respond to several lines. Each one carries a headset and sits on work stations with several computer screens. The information communicates instantaneously, sometimes at long distances.There is more learning and much more responsibility. Despite all this, work is essentially the same as two decades ago, so difficult.

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